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This app is no longer available in the US. There is now an official WE...

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7 Users
Download BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo icon

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo

BluePiano automates data-entry. This keyboard wedge injects captured B...

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Free | 7.8 241

7.8 Users
Download Wedges and Screws Wedges and Screws icon

Wedges and Screws

An absolutely amazing app. A “must have” for primary students to under...

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Free | 8 5

8 Users
Download Barcode Wedge Barcode Wedge icon

Barcode Wedge

The keyboard wedge emulator receives data from DBS-55 portable barcode...

Similar app: Wireless Barcode Scanner Full

Free | 10 7

10 Users
Download SocketScan 10 KeyboardWedge SocketScan 10 KeyboardWedge icon

SocketScan 10 KeyboardWedge

The SocketMobile SocketScan™ 10 keyboard wedge software enters scanned...

Similar app: Barcode Scanner Pro

Free | 5.8 99

5.8 Users
Download BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge icon

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge

The keyboard wedge BluePiano injects captured Bluetooth SPP (SPP = ser...

Similar app: BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo

$20.99 | 8 9

8 Users
Download Wedge - Waitlist for Android Wedge - Waitlist for Android icon

Wedge - Waitlist for Android

NOTE: Wedge for Android is not yet live - sign up on the waitlist for...

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10 Users
Download MagicWedge - Data Capture MagicWedge - Data Capture icon

MagicWedge - Data Capture

Keyboard Wedge & More! Bluetooth data receiver utility providing...

Similar app: MagicScripts - JavaScript Prin

$13.95 $2.99 | 9.4 3

9.4 Users
Download ARETE POP Keyboard Wedge ARETE POP Keyboard Wedge icon

ARETE POP Keyboard Wedge

Keyboard wedge for ARETE POP RFID dongle reader Install app. This app...

Similar app: ARETE POP

Free | 10 1

10 Users
Download IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge icon

IDBLUE Keyboard Wedge

Isn’t it time you re-think mobile RFID? IDBLUE® understands the chall...

Similar app: IDBLUE RFID

Free | 2 4

2 Users
Download Bluetooth Wedge Bluetooth Wedge icon

Bluetooth Wedge

Bluetooth Wedge prints key input from barcode scanner, RFID reader an...

Similar app: BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo

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Download MobileWedge for Android(Trial) MobileWedge for Android(Trial) icon

MobileWedge for Android(Trial)

MobileWedge resides in the system, and can input the bar code data rea...

Similar app: MobileWedge for Android

Free | 9.6 4

9.6 Users

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