"weights and measures"

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dietitian. You can associate your blood pressure and a note to each measured weight. You may also track

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Ideal Weight, BMI Calculator

finger over the measure tapes to enter your weight and height and get the BMI value and also your ideal

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Lose weight without dieting

" tracks your weight, as well as your bust, waist, and thigh measurements, so you can monitor your progress

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Monitor Your Weight

Award Winning Weight Tracker App developed as a tool mainly to help motivate a person following

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Manage your weight and diet

, simply tuck your weight. The application will measure your progress, you will motivate and finally advise

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My Diet Coach - Weight Loss

√ The best weight loss tracker √ Learn how to lose weight fast and naturally and get into fitness by taking

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BMI Weight Calculator

if you're a healthy weight, based on your height. - Measurement units in Metric and Imperial

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Weight control

health you need to regularly measure your weight. Our program can help you with this. It is to remind you

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BMI Calculator - Weight Loss

fail to account for varying proportions of fat, bone, cartilage, water weight, and more. Despite this

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Weight Diary

Weight Diary is a personal tool for tracking and analyzing body weight measurements

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Weight Control

This application helps you to get fit and improve your health. Allows you to track your weight

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Steel Weight Calculator

the weight to get the length. This calculator computes the metal in the two systems of measurement

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