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Windchill Calculator Pro

Same great app as our Windchill Calculator but with more units of measurement, no ads, and multiple

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Wind Chill

A clean, quick and easy to use interface for determining the current wind chill temperature. Temperature can be entered in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and wind speed can be entered in Mph or Kph. Wind chill temperature is reported in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. Warns user when temperature and/or wind speed values are outside of the reliable wind c…

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Windchill Calculator

. In the winter windchill is a huge factor to figure into your outdoor activities, especially when you're

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Brenta Wind Chill

Lovely handcrafted wind chill calculator that works with any temperature and any wind speed, and provides you with a "+/-" what-if table to estimate better weather conditions. Premium version also offers history of your ten previous calculations. Current features are: - Temperature units in Celsius and in Fahrenheit - Wind speed units…

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Weather HD

Weather HD is the most beautiful way to check for weather information on your phone or tablet. See the weather in stunning high-definition videos, get accurate weather forecasts all around the world, with 7-day and hourly forecasts, and use an on-screen clock. FEATURES: • Works on all Android phones and tablets. • Gorgeous animations depicting t…

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Windchill Calculator

can also change the input units between Fahrenheit and Celsius for your input and the Windchill result

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Canadian Weather

Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CanadianWeather Canadian Weather from Abbotsford to Yorkton. Uses the most accurate Environment Canada data feed. Shows current conditions, 7 day forecast, and detailed forecast in one simple screen. Supports up to10 favorite locations. Displays satellite weather maps for North America and Canada. Disp…

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Wind Chill Index

ºF or ºC) and wind speed (Miles/Hour or Kilometers/Hour). This application calculates wind-chill

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Wind Chill Widget

Wind Chill Widget is the only weather widget which will display the current wind chill conditions. Other weather widgets, such as Weather Bug, Weather Chanel and built-in widgets do not offer such functionality. By taking into consideration the effect of wind on the human body, wind chill is a far more accurate measure of what the current weather…

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Weather Calculator

Simple app to calculate weather information: dew point and wind chill.

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Survival Guide

SURVIVAL - Cold Regions and Locations - Windchill - Basic Principles of Cold Weather Survival - Hygiene

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ZephyrPro Anemometer

with real time linear and logarithmic charts + WindChill Calculator (NWS formula), suitable to calculate

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