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Wire Gauge Calculator

Just input source Voltage, Power/Current, and Distance and Wire Gauge Calculator will calculate

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Wire Size Calculator

★Avoid dangerous wiring miscalculations with this simple wire gauge selector 120V-480V ★Click

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Wire Ref

Wire Gauge calculates the minimum required wire gauge for a given wire type, current

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Electric Toolkit - Home Wiring

*Multiple GFCI wiring diagram *Wall outlet wiring diagram *Ampacity table for determining proper wire gauge

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Lab Buddy Pro

, NPS, BSST (To get to metric press the menu button)_ Voltage Drop: 0000 - 40 Gauge Wire (Inlcuding

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Download Electrical-AWG wire buddy Electrical-AWG wire buddy icon
Electrical-AWG wire buddy

of Electronic American Wire Gauge Tables and Formulas. Calculate wire resistance per 100 feet, or per kilometers

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Garage Buddy: FREE

Chart Drill Bit Size Chart Metal Gauge Chart Wire Gauge Chart Tool Conversion Do you think

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Elec Ref

code. Features include: + Wire Gauge sizing + Parallel Conductors wire sizing + Conduit Fill sizes

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AWG Metric Wire Converter

For Electrical Designers, Electricians, and others working with electrical wire. Helps convert

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Download SailTimer Wind Gauge™ SailTimer Wind Gauge™ icon
SailTimer Wind Gauge

. This app displays the apparent wind speed and wind angle on a traditional wind gauge. If you are using

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Adaptive Tuner

Adaptive Tuner displays key gauge data: RPM, MAP, MAT, WAT, and AFR. It additionally presents

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