2048 Numbers Game - Addictive



Numbers Game 2048 . Sum and continues until 2048 !

Play with numbers or bits of RAM. This game is simple yet addictive and mental . Prepare your move in advance, will be calculated as the sum Worth and where it ends.

- Available for all versions of android.

- Save and share your high score.

- Better graphics and brighter colors.

- Music and sound effects

- Translated into 15 languages.

- Timer.

- Click to learn how to play.

How to play a numbers game 2048 :

Slide the pieces as if it were a puzzle , but the difference is that the pieces come together when they have the same value. You can move several pieces at a time, even unify one or more lines simultaneously.

The strategy is to maintain a good player around the pieces with a high value and that small numbers can not be isolated .

Before summing well choose which direction you want to add, first noting where the numbers are that are around .

Try to keep more free holes to maintain mobility of the pieces. Try joining every play , but watch the very large numbers that can be taken down small .

A general shift of all numbers can help a lot.

Use the Options button to see the instructions and all the other possibilities offered by this application.


Numbers Game 2048 , is a mental game, very addictive , save your best score and share it with your friends.

Challenge your mind to get the best time without being blocked .

Now with more intense and different colors for visual ease .

Play with computer issues , as if they were bits of memory , the display will appear 2 or 4, and you must add numbers through 8, 16 , 32, 64 , 128, 256 , 512, 1024 and 2048 .

When you get the number 2048 the game is over , it seems easy , you dare ?

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