99 Names of Allah Memory Games

99 Names of Allah Memory Games

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99 Names of Allah Memorizer is truly amongst the best Islamic Android memory games available. Regular use of brain games remarkably aids brain training which lead to greater confidence especially in solving of logic problems.

Learning the 99 Names of Allah with meaning using our Memorizer game helps train the mind to solve so called Impossible games through play! Memory and concentration are trained laterally and simultaneously to sharpen the mind! This and much more is possible with this FREE puzzle game for the android app market for the whole family. By mastering this puzzle game knowledge of Allah's beautiful names will hopefully start to flow in the heart,body and soul!

Extensive research has shown logic problems can be solved by brain training almost at any age! Learning through play is the most fun way to learn the beautiful 99 names of Allah with meaning.

The 99 Names of Allah (Arabic: أسماء الله الحسنى‎ ʾasmāʾ allāh al-ḥusnā), are the attributes of Allah by which Muslims regard Allah and which are described in the Quran, and Sunnah, amongst other places. There is, according to hadith, a special group of 99 names but no enumeration of them. Thus the exact list is not agreed upon, and the Names of God exceed 99 in the Qur'an and Sunnah. According to a hadith narrated by Abdullah ibn Mas'ud some of the names have been hidden from mankind, therefore there are not only 99 names but there are more. Allah is extremely Magnificent in all His endless attributes! He is simply ALLAH !

"The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on him by them."
(The Glorious Quran 7:180).

"He is Allah the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner: His are the most excellent names; whatever is in the heavens and the earth declares His glory; and He is the Mighty, the Wise." (The Glorious Quran 59:24).

"Those who believe, and those whose hearts find satisfaction in the remembrance of Allah: for without doubt in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find satisfaction. (The Glorious Quran 13:28).

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: "To Allah belongs 99 names, 100 minus 1, anyone who memorizes them will enter Paradise; He (Allah) is odd (odd number, he is the Only One), and He loves odd numbers."

Call on him and invoke him for all things including cure from all diseases, worries and concerns with these beautiful names. If you Love Allah you will certainly enjoy invoking him in gratitude along the middle way of Islam in between fear and hope.

Multiple benefits are to be had with our logic games which are the amongst best brain training minigames on the android market. Our Islamic FREE puzzle game is a must have addition to any portfolio as brain training is a natural by product of playing this game. The main benefit of 99 Names of Allah Memorizer is to be able to learn the 99 Names of Allah with meaning of the various names of Allah in order appreciate the beauty and depth of the personality of Allah is beyond imagination.

The 99 Names of Allah with meaning Memorizer app is designed to merely introduce the magnanimity of Allah through the 99 names so that a person may develop the desire to please his creator whilst whilst living in awe of his creator. Striving to develop a relationship with him in order to save himself, his family and the rest of humanity from harming itself by non recognition and non submission to the will of Allah.

Further benefits of this game is that everyday logic problems are easily solved with confidence once an individual has been introduced to memory games no matter what the age! This is a perfect tool for brain training and solving impossible games! Our Free puzzle game is a step in the right direction for developing enhanced learning qualities.

Please do not forget to give us your positive review for our 99 Names of Allah with meaning Memorizer app to encourage us to expedite new editions which are in development.

99 Names of Allah with sound and 99 Names of Allah with benefits updates coming soon Insha'Allah

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