Block Buster




    Think fast, break all the bricks and set the star free.
    Your best friend "Alan the Star" is in trouble, help him escape the pit of the dammed by destroying all the bricks blocking his way up.

    - 35 varying levels.
    - Extremely addictive, easy to start – hard to quit.
    - Save and continue from any point in the game.
    - 3 difficulty levels, can you master all of them?
    - World leaderboard. Show who’s the quickest mind on earth.
    - Gameplay evolution beyond Tetris.
    - Combines puzzle solving with fast reactions.

    How to play:
    Move and rotate your block into place and drop it to explode the bricks that blocks the way up.
    Create chain explosions for diamonds to emerge in our next block, collect them and use them to revive your friend star and continue the game.

    Can you finish the game reaching to the top of the last level? Unleash the puzzle loving side of your brain! Use your block wisely! If you like Tetris and block puzzles, you will for sure love this game.

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