Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner


Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner's review


A hero and his mercenaries to defeat evil forces

  • Anime-style graphics
  • Complete upgrading system
  • Inspired by the classics of the genre
  • Navigation through menus is redundant and chaotic

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"Who's up for an adventure?"

ZQGame Inc.'s Brave Brigade is a 2D RPG inspired by the classics of the genre. In fact, its gameplay reminds of Pokémon: the player embody a hero which is fighting the evil forces that have invaded his lands by catching, taming and evolving creatures called "mercenaries".

Of course, you start as a warrior or wizard apprentice and it's up to you to become a Master by fighting, looting and upgrading your skills with the resources you'll be collecting. There's a complete (and complex) upgrading system for both your hero and their mercenaries. In fact, that's the main catch of the game: you spend a lot of time navigating through menus. Upgrading skills, evolving units, confirming stuff... It's a little annoying.

Regardless, the game is set in anime-style retro graphics which might be appealing for fans of the genre. Recommended.

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