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Coboy Junior are the first Indonesian young pop boy band established on 23 July 2011. This band consists of four members: Aldi, Bastian, Rizky, and Iqbaal. Their fans are known by the nickname Comate (Coboy Junior Mate).

In February 2014 Bastian left Coboy Junior, and the band was renamed CJR.

Coboy Junior consists of four boys:Alvaro Maldini Siregar (Aldi), Bastian Bintang Simbolon (Bastian), Iqbaal Dhiafakhri Ramadhan (Iqbaal), and Teuku Rizky Muhammad (Rizky), whose ages as of March 2013 were 12, 13, 13 and 15 respectively. The band is managed by Patrick Effendy. Bastian left the group in February 2014.

Note :
This is Unofficial app. This is Fan App was made because inspired by CJR. Thanks for The Great Inspiration.

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