Crazy Goat Derby: Goat Racing



Goats are all the rage (apparently) so here to jump on the crazy goat bandwagon is Crazy Goat Derby! A crazy goat racing game full of fun and mischief!

Normal betting rules apply - the likely winners win less cash. This is no normal racing game though. Power-ups, obstacles, cash bonuses and achievements add an unpredictable edge. Not only that but you get to own your own goat. If you have enough cash, you get to own your own goat for one race only. You can then race it by "spanking" or "fingering" your goat as fast as you can to get to the other side. Don't forget to place bets on your own goat and make sure its more than what you paid for your goat or it wont be worth it.

While the race is stopped and you have sufficient cash place bets on one of the five crazy goats:
"Crazy Goat", "Angry Goat", "Candy Goat", "Flappy Goat" and "Goatsey Goat"
Use the green betting button (when it is on) to place bet.
Lower odds (1/1) are more likely to win race but you win less. Play it safe by choosing Candy Goat or even Crazy Goat
There are many CRAZY things that can happen to change the outcome of the race:

Power-ups, Obstacles and bonuses:

Nasty Little TROLL: This annoying little troll is trying to follow in his father's foot steps eating goats. He is just annoying. Give him a good kicking - billy goat style and get a cash bonus.

FREAKY THISTLE: Goats like thistles apparently. This one grows rapidly and gives you performance enhancing turbo speed boost.

WATER SPURT: GOATS hate water apparently. look out for leaky pipes that SPURT fountains and scare goats still. You will get a STIFF GOAT! Its tough but when you get a stiff goat you aren't going anywhere!

CHEATING GOAT: Now and then, one of the unlikely winners, either Angry Goat who is too angry and grumpy to care to race or Goatsey goat who has a hole in his memory gets a head start and burst of energy so they must be cheating. You cant prove anything so there's nothing you can do. Just hope you either find a FREAKY THISTLE or they run into a WATER SPURT

To own a GOAT, press the button if and when available.
race your goat by tapping/spanking/fingering your GOAT as fast as you can!
(You lose the cost of your GOAT so make sure you bet more than this costs)
BUT..Owning a GOAT does not necessarily mean you will win - you have to work at it!

Unlock achievements to win more $

Featuring Gemma Storey as goat host voice over

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