Crazy Goat Derby: Goat Racing



A crazy goat racing game full of fun & mischief! Goats are all the rage!

Normal betting rules apply - likely winners win less cash. This is no normal racing game though. Power-ups, obstacles, cash bonuses, achievements add an unpredictable edge. With enough cash, own a goat for one race, bet on it and race it by "spanking" or "fingering" goat as fast as possible.

While race stopped place bets on five crazy goats:
"Crazy", "Angry", "Candy", "Flappy", "Goatsey"
Use green betting button (when lit) place bet.
Play it safe by choosing Candy Goat or even Crazy Goat
Many CRAZY things change race outcome:

Power-ups, Obstacles bonuses:

Little TROLL ( Billy Goats Gruff Troll Junior ): He is just trolling. Give him a good kicking - billy goat style, Get a cash bonus.

FREAKY THISTLE: Goats like thistles apparently. This one grows rapidly & gives performance enhancing turbo speed boost.

WATER SPURT: GOATS hate water apparently. look out for leaky pipes that SPURT fountains & scare goats still. Get a STIFF GOAT!This goats not going anywhere!

CHEATING GOAT: Occasionally, Angry Road Rage Goat (full of rage) or Goatsey goat cheats ( illegal enhancing drugs) and wins.

Own a GOAT by pressing button when available.
Race goat by tapping/spanking/fingering GOAT!
Quite race any time.

Unlock achievements & win more cash

Featuring Gemma Storey as goat host voice over

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