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    Published: 2014-08-07, by .

    A hybrid city buidling and RTS set in a post-apocalyptic world

    • Well-balance city building and RTS gameplay
    • Addictive
    • Upgrading system
    • Team up or battle against real-time players
    • More of the same

    "Survivors will build a new world"

    There are hundreds of zombies games out there but most of them are casual time killers. Ember Entertainment's Empire Z' approach is absolutely different. It merges the best of both management and RTS games and apply a layer of zombie apocalypse. The result is a well-balanced game that makes all sense.

    A city building gameplay perfectly fits a post-apocalyptic smashed world. That's actually the survivor's main need: building facilities that grants their security and allows them rebuild the civilization. And that's your mission in Empire Z. Well, that and make sure neither hordes of zombies nor other clans take over your place. And when I say "other" clans, I mean real players trying to survive in this desolate world. Of course, you can also team them up.

    Both graphics and gameplay is similar to other titles within the genre. You can speed up building and troops training process with gold and grow your own resources. Watch out in-app purchases if you are letting your kids play it. Highly recommended.

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