“When true fans control what happens, live, in the cage — the stakes go way up. FIGHTER BONUS is literally changing the way that fights go down — whether you’re a part of it, or not.”

    - Julianna Peña, UFC Pro & Winner of The Ultimate Fighter


    TRUE FANS CONTROL THE CAGE: FIGHTER BONUS is the first ever online and in-app community for true MMA fans, that lets YOU control the cage during some of the world's biggest fights.

    FIGHT CARDS: What would have happened if 20,000 Miesha Tate fans put $1 towards an arm bar for Ronda Rousey?
    BOUNTIES: Don't like the Diaz brothers? Put a $2 bounty on them.
    JACKPOTS: Want to see another crazy Pettis off-the-cage kick? Put $1 on it!

    FIGHTER BONUS was created by an undefeated, professional MMA fighter to give fans direct influence on how fighters finish some of the biggest fights in the industry, including UFC, TUF, XFC, Bellator, Word Series of Fighting, Ultimate Fighter and even Metamoris, for the hardcore jujitsu fans! Not only that -- we allow you to "bonus" a fighter for mind-blowing, crazy moves.

    You and your friends control the cage and watch it happen live. Fights get more exciting. Fighters make more money. Everybody wins.


    The more Fight Bucks a fight card, bounty or jackpot builds -- the more likely it is that it will happen live. If it happens, we send your fighter a huge check. If it doesn't on a specific fight card, you get to use your Fight Bucks on another fight or bonus. That simple.

    DOWNLOAD THE APP and take control of the cage!

    FIGHTER BONUS is developed through an exclusive partnership with Gravity Jack (, America's #1 name in hard-hitting custom software and apps -- so you know it's good.

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