Fire dragon reborn



The story is about an era that on earth there are so many dragon live. During this period, the people living with Dragon and Dragon is considered a pet in the family fed. The game "Dragon reborn pro" allows you to play successfully hatched dragon ball in that era! The game promises to bring to you the game will generate attractive and adorable dragons!
You play successfully pass the level, you will be more dragon ball.
Games "Dragon reborn pro" is a free game, entertaining puzzles challenging.
- Games will bring to you the fun level from easy to difficult.
- You want to play the mandatory level after you have completed the previous level.
- Use the touch feature to move the dragon so that egg escape hatch out a dragon.
- Each play is successful, the world will have more of a dragon ball was born in the era of the dragon.
- Entertainment and luck.
Guide to use play:
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