Fire Emblem Heroes


Fire Emblem Heroes's review


Heroes masterfully refines Fire Emblem for mobile

  • Familiar and accessible gameplay
  • Wonderful anime graphics
  • Awesome intro
  • Incredibly easy to pick-up and play
  • Simple, fun, challenging, and very addicting
  • Slow initial game download
  • Tedious stamina meter system
  • Freemium content

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"Welcome back, Fire Emblem"


In Fire Emblem Heroes for the Android and iOS, you’ll call on various heroes from across the popular series to take on the evil Emblian Empire that wants to control everything in their path. You’ll take turns positioning your heroes on the battlefield, lining them up just right to take out different enemies. Just make sure you don’t the enemy line up too close, and if they ambush your hero, it’s game over. The game also features a stamina meter, which you’ll have to spend to take on battles, but it only refreshes every couple of minutes.


Fire Emblem Heroes features the absolutely best of the series, with familiar and accessible gameplay, an epic soundtrack, wonderful anime graphics, and awesome intro, and easy to pick-up swipe controls for rookies and a whole lot to go through in this game.


As this is a popular Nintendo game, you will have to bear with downloading additional data, which can honestly take forever, and Nintendo’s insistence on using the orb system and the stamina meter, which uses orbs, is a downright bummer since you’ll have to wait to start a new battle.

Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Feb 13, 2017

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