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Want to have fun with your friends? .. “Fun with Sounds” contains 130 sounds of (Human, vehicles, Horror, Animal, cartoon, weapons, comedy, Nature, etc.) so you can listen to them at any time.

This is the best application to pull off prank to your friends, laugh with them, or just annoy them. Fun with Sounds have collection of funny and famous also useful sounds to use everyday.

you will get a nice collection of sounds.these are the sound effects:

Human sounds
fart sounds,snoring sounds, belch,burp, girl screening,baby cry,baby laughing,punch face sound,slap sound,cough, sneezing man, sneezing woman,

Vehicle sounds
horn sounds,car horn, ahooga,music horn,bicycle hooter,truck horn, ship sound,ship horn, ambulance siren, police siren,fire truck siren,train sound, steam engine sound, jumbo jest sound,fighter jet sound, helicopter sound,

Horror/halo ween sounds
evil laugh,ghost,ghost sound,creepy sounds,witch laughing,halo ween, grim reaper,zombie sound,zombie,scream ghost, door sounds,footstep sounds,werewolf,crow,

Animal sounds

Cartoon Sounds
mouse funny laugh,funny laugh,climb stairs,falling stair,run and crash,cartoon monkey, cartoon donkey,pew,cartoon chicken, jump,balloon pop, whistle sounds, funny snoring,spring, boing,

Weapons sounds
gun load,gun fire,shot gun sound,cannon blast,paintball gun ,rocket launcher,laser gun,rifle sound,machine gun,sniper gun,flamethrower,missile,explosion sounds,sword sound,

Comedy sounds
wah wah wah,yee haa,surprise,bassoon,chimes,trumpet,timpani sound,comedy horn,party horn,wolf whistle,mouth whistle,

Nature Sounds
thunder sound,rain sound,camp fire, ocean sound,tornado ,river,waterfall sound,stream sound,forest,water drop,rippling water ,bird sounds,

air Horne,cricket horn,tornado siren,warning siren,bell,school bell,small whistle,car alarm,old telephone sounds,whoosh,war horn,clapping,

**Requires Adobe Air**

1. Free Application
2. Play/Stop on single click
3.Animated Sound Buttons
4. You can mix sounds while they playing
5. Instant Sound Stop Button

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