How Little Fire Dragons Train



Felix the cute little fire dragon is happily playing in the enchanted forest. Brackel the Big Bully Dragon finds him and starts chasing him through the trees. Brackel doesn’t like little Felix because the human vikings like him the most. They always bring him fresh fish and scratch behind his ears when they play. Brackel wishes the to be liked by the Vikings but he is big and scarey and the Vikings think he is always angry and filled with fury and hatred. How can Felix escape from the angry dragon who breathes fire and burns the forest with fury and flaming attacks. How can he get away? How can he keep the vikings safe from Brackel and his red hot hatred?

The furious vikings used to fight Felix and his brothers to protect their village. The battles were hard and fierce with many brave creatures dying on both sides. Dragons and humans don't fight anymore. There is no war or hatred in the island kingdom.

Brackel chases you with Fury and Rage burning in his eyes. Flame shoots from his jaws and he tears at the forest trying to stomp little Felix. Can you help him get away. How can you train Felix to escape from the evil Dragon?

Rocks turn molten in front of our little hero as he sprints through the forest Felix can veer and dodge out of the way to miss furious claws. Brakel's hatred rises deep inside his chest like a burning volcano ready to explode.

Little Felix must must train to be fast. He must train to be nimble. He must train to shoot fire. He must train how to fly. He must train how to protect the forest from evil spirits. He must train to be the best dragon he can be.

The guardian is happy. The guardian is swift and agile and can veer away from danger. The guardian must train with the vikings to protect the village and its people. Felix is a busy little dragon he can't always train but he wishes to be the best dragon he can be.

How magnificent will the guardian be when he is ready to defend the forest and the village from evil invaders, trolls, spirits, goblins and ghosts.

-Run with your Dragon, train him as you go
-Gameplay revolves around an endless runner themed with gems, forest enchantments
-Collect Gems and PowerUps as you progress through the trail
-Dodge Rock, Log and Barbed wire obstacles
-Use your tablet or smartphone to race your dragon through the wood to get the best score
-Race against the big dragon
-Increasing difficulty as you progress down the track.


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