Kaise Banoge Crorepati



KBC : Kaise Banoge Crorepati
Play best KBC game on your android device.
Kaise Banoge Crorepati (KBC) helps you to improve your general knowledge.
• Very Engaging game
• Very Interactive and beautiful user interface
• Free Game
• One of best quiz Game
There will be 3 levels of the application.
1) Level 1 : It is on question 4 and amount 40,000. 
2) Level 2: It is on question 8 and amount 6,40,000.
3) Level 3: It is on question 15 and amount 7,00,00,000.
At any point of time, if you answer the question wrongly, you may either lose all your money all get the minimum money allocated for that level.

KBC Game Helps you:
• Keep your mind Sharp
• Test your Knowledge
• Entertainment
• Education
You will be given 5 different lifelines for each game and they are:
• Fifty-Fifty (50/50): If the contestant uses this lifeline, randomly two of the "wrong" answers will be removed.
2) Double Dip: This lifeline allows the contestant to make two guesses for one question.
3) Flip the question : If you don't know the right answer, you can change the question by using this lifeline.
4) Audience poll - Answers given by audience will appear on your screen. Sometimes answer may be wrong. But mostly audience poll is right.
5) Quit the Game : If you don`t know the answer then you can quit the Game.

Disclaimer: Our KBC game does not belongs to any game show and it is made for complete entertainment of all Android smart phone users.

Note: A true game for all Smartphone users.
Enjoy the Game and have fun!

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