Learn draw and coloring



New version with 10 fantastic albums instead of 5 with plenty of new coloring pages !!!

Draw and color , learn the alphabet with numbers in English along with Toki.
You can draw and color as on the magnetic board.
Lots of pictures to color all original for kids.
The coloring pages are divided into 10 different albums.
share your drawing on facebook, twitter , ecc..

TokiToki is a professional app for draw, paint and learn the alphabet with your Android device, taking into account that the end user is a child (but not only), so no advertising or links that can be clicked unintentionally.

Summary functions present in TokiToki:

1) Easy Coloring (both filling both dashed lines) based on drawings made ​​exclusively for Google.

2) Painting with most types of tools such as pen, chalk ... (New: Cancellation style magnetic board, see picture).

3) Teaching simple and nice to learn the alphabet and numbers, listening and writing.

4) Foreign languages. Support included to switch to other 5 languages.

It does not contain advertising or links.


1) Coloring

Coloring drawings created exclusively for Google, not reproduced by any other source.
Advanced Zoom function for color fine details.
Button to cancel operation if an error staining.
You can color it by filling areas with a twist, either by swiping your finger as a brush.

Invisible Function
With the 'Invisible' stimulates the imagination, the drawing is hidden, and it forms a little at a time by clicking with the finger on the screen with the color you want!
See the picture.

2) Draw

Paint and color freely on the screen using different brushes, a charcoal, or a pennerello.

" Coloring and drawing " style magnetic board.
What's new in this TokiToki for Android, the deletion style Magnetic Blackboard.
If you remember the famous slates with the bar slide that erased by moving it left and right, well, now you can do it on the screen.
In addition, it is of course possible to delete with the classic rubber.

Save button and Share Button
You can share or just save your picture in the gallery once completed the job!

3) Alphabet and Numbers

Another function of the educational program, the aid to learning the alphabet and numbers.
The child may learn the alphabet in their own language, but also the adult can use it to learn the alphabet and numbers in other languages.

Are supported 5 languages ​​(French, German, Spanish, Russian and Italian).

Audio support.
The alphabet and numbers are reproduced in the language chosen by the friendly and lively TokiToki.
(You do not need to install any additional software to listen to the audio in different languages​​)

Draw the letters.
Each selected letter introduces a useful activity. With the finger you can trace the letter indicated seguento the hatch to learn the writing and if you go off track you will be notified with a vibration.

Random selection
With the appropriate button is selected by random draw is always a letter so that both stimulate learning fun.

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