Play Millionaire for free and demonstrate that you are the one that knows more. The quiz contains more than 2000 general questions and two modes where you can test your cultural knowledge.

    This game’s Classic Mode will feel like you’re on a TV show. 15 trivia pursuit type, general knowledge questions, and one million dollars is your target. In this mode you will find the classic trivia categories organized by their level of difficulty. Use lifelines if you have doubts, and if you have no clue: risk it or leave!

    Playing in Marathon Mode will leave you huffing and puffing. Match as many answers as the time and wildcards allow. Every time you answer three questions correctly in a row you, will receive an amazing prize.

    If you wish to be cleverer, acquire more general culture and you like television contests or TV shows, download the free app and test your culture before the world. Use it as an intelligence or IQ test and compare your winnings with those of the clever people around the world.

    ☆☆☆☆☆ Key features of Millionaire ☆☆☆☆☆

    ✓ Free quiz with over 2,000 trivia pursuit type questions
    ✓ Classic Mode.
    ✓ Marathon Mode. Let’s see how long you hold up!
    ✓ Three lifelines: Ask the Audience, Phone-a-friend, and 50/50
    ✓ Top players’ world ranking
    ✓ HD Graphics
    ✓ Quiz compatible with mobile devices: smartphones and tablets
    ✓ Regular updating of question
    ✓ Challenge your friends
    ✓ Share your scores with your friends on Facebook
    ✓ Question categories, just like on trivial: geography, history, science and technology, art and literature, music, sports and football!

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