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Pokémon Duel packs deep strategy, simple gameplay and wonderful sound

  • Great-looking cartoony 3D graphics
  • Captures the feel of Pokemon
  • A lot of strategy
  • Very active community of players
  • Awesome soundtrack
  • Requires a constant and consistent internet connection
  • Internet connection slows down gameplay

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"A board game Pokémon"


Designed to be played on both Android and iOS devices, Pokémon Duel invites gamers to go on a colorful trip to an island, where Pokémon competitions are hot. However, instead of using your Pokémon one-on-one, you’ll use Pokémon figurines on a board. You’ll have to move carefully in this turn-based board game battler. Each Pokémon can move certain spaces. When confronting an enemy Pokémon, the battle system chooses which attack is stronger. The winner advances, and the loser goes to the Pokémon Center. Upgrade your Pokémon, reach the opponent’s side, and it’s a clear victory for you.


Pokémon Duel brings great looking 3D graphics with board gameplay that’s incredibly simple to pick-up yet provides a solid strategy, with a ton of players worldwide aiming to be the Pokémon Figurine Champion, so you’ll enjoy this online board game battler.


One of the strongest burden this game pins on players is unable to control server problems as the game constantly checks if you’re online, which severely hampers battles and navigating through the and if not, it kicks you right out.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Jan 25, 2017

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