Soul Guardians


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RPG-CCG anime mash-up adventure

  • Genre mash-up: RPG + CCG
  • Above-average graphic design
  • In trying to be a little of everything, it's left a little soulless

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"Hiiii-ya! Take that, ye cartoon cowards!"

ZQGame Inc's Soul Guardians: Age of Midgard has a little something for everyone. It's an RPG in that you wander about as a single character, leveling up and discovering new aspects of your story. It's a CCG in that collecting rare and super rare cards gives you amazing and pwoerful abilities to progress from one level to the next. Graphics are pretty neat and the on-screen button controls are responsive. If this is your kind of genre, there's a whole world to get lost in here. Be aware that you must connect with a Google Plus account.

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