Super Fly Ninjas : No One Dies



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The Evil Blue Monkey Ninja Clan have stolen the loot from the Red Dragon clans treasure vault. The Red Dragon ninjas are angry and the Clans Honor and Revenge are in your hands.

Your Red Ninja Screams “Help Me Fly”… Don’t be a “Clumsy Ninja” or you will die. Don’t Fly to Crazy” or you will do “The Collider”, hit a wall and die. This isn’t a “Flappy Ninja” - He’s a Jetpack Ninja! Try hard, we don’t want to be telling Ghost Stories about you.

Any clumsy ninja can run, its a rush when you strap on a jetpack and Fly. This is no Joyride, You Fly away to arial battle. These are no Butterfly Flutter flights… We use Ninja Jetpacks. You Must Fly To Battle Camp Blue Ninja on their own turf. Fly Through all of the corridor, collect loot and shoot Evil Flying Blue Monkey Clan Ninjas. in this Arial Clash of Ninja Clans.

Battle the Evil Blue Devil Monkey Ninja Clans in the Sky Arena for combat. This is not an “Impossible Game” but you have to develop your ninja and flying skills in this Game of War. Fire Shurikens at your enemies or dodge them with your jetpack. Shoot Fast and Shoot Furious, 6 Blue Ninjas may attack at one time.

The Blue Ninja have joined the Sky Age with Jetpacks and Planes with Wings of Fire as well.

There is no Fruit in this Free Ninja game, only jetpack warriors. Don’t Be a Ninja Chicken Kid… Download it today free and get your Clash of Ninja Clans On!

Will YOU be the next Lord of the Red Dragons Clan?


- 50 Scenes. 

- Controls so simple a 2 year old can play

- Fearsome playable Red Dragon Jetpack Ninja characters

- Find power ups for free along the way.

- Under 50 megabytes so dow

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