The Walking Dead: Season One


The Walking Dead: Season One's review

by Peter Warrior

A horror game based upon Walking Dead series

  • Loyal to Walking Dead lore
  • Smart mix of (easy) exploration and choice-making
  • Enjoyable by non usual gamers
  • Hardcore gamers may not like it
  • It might have some minigames or more pump-action stages

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"Let's use Shane as bait instead of Otis, shan't we?"

Walking Dead the game is somehow a choose-your-adventure game and a graphic adventure game, as you can move your character and interact with objects.

Everything is absolutely within TV show's atmosphere and nature: you will feel as if you were in the series.

Chapters 2-5 and next must be bought separately.

Anyway, this game's interesting for several reasons: it brings a sackful of moral into mobile gaming, it can be played and enjoyed by anyone as it's played by tapping on places or choices (ol' SCUMM school), and it's awesome.

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Jun 06, 2014

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