Thunder-Fighter 2



In the game Air Battle : Fighter there's no certain time period limit. Play through levels by controlling your plane and destroying enemy planes. Every stage has a strong boss fighter plane who will give you Inferiority complex about your playing style.
- Rich scenes and fighter world, Simple and excellent!
- This game supports tablets and any size screen resolution.
- Challenging tasks. You have to conquer them and fight back the enemies.
- Unlimited Lives. Make endless war into a firm belief, Immortal warriors are invincible! And say goodbye to death.
- Team work. No longer be alone on the battlefield! Strong Firepower Support!
- Quantization. Convert enemy bullets into crystals! Destroy enemy's bullet rain thoroughly.
- Thunder troop's ultimate humanoid weapon! From the moment the fighter becomes humanoid, the Thunder troop's victory is on the countdown.
Let's fight to protect our homeland!!!
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