Transform Temple-Mech Hero Run



Got message from our glorious leader:Danger! Human start to hunt us suddenly,don't know why...but we have to run and stay away from human...,meanwhile we need to find out who are the real enemies to us,let's go!

Control method: Slashing left/right/up/down on the screen to control the RUN!

Transform Temple-Mech Hero Run is a 3D Run and Dash game with our new designed robot characters.

Now it's Robot fans' season,Transformers: Age of Extinction is on show! We have to confess that our developers are huge transformers and run in temple fans,In this game we combined the ideas together and designed our own new robots and new game play,and in future version we will design more robots and features for our players!
If you are a robots (Transformer-style like robot) and run in temple fan also,you will love the free gift from us!

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