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Troll Face Quest TV Shows's review


You’ll troll your way through a series of difficult point and click puzzles

  • Unique hand-drawn art style
  • Very challenging for experts
  • Familiar and accessible gameplay
  • Humorous sound effects
  • Limiting hint system
  • Levels are way too difficult
  • No real gameplay objective

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"Figure your way out"


It’s time to troll your way out of this point and click puzzler. In Troll Face Quest TV Shows, you’re thrown into different scenes without any clue of how to get out or what to do. You’ll have to tap on different characters, slowly but surely finding the solution to move on to the next level. Don’t expect everything to be the same, as each minigame features its own gameplay mechanics, so you may avoid eating a cake, slide under a bathroom stall, and place a band-aid incorrectly. If you get stuck, just use the hint system to complete the level.


You’ll find great-looking hand-drawn graphics that adds a unique art style to the game, and for point and click veterans, you’ll find this game very challenging, as you’ll have to think outside the box, yet is simple enough for any player to get into, and you’ll also find humorous sound effects.


Yet, the game’s challenge is truly the worst, as most gamers might find the levels far too difficult, forcing them to use the hint system just to beat each level, plus, there isn’t really an overall cohesive game objective you’re aiming to accomplish.

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Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Mar 09, 2017

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