Westeros Houses Extended



Extended version of classical "Rock-Paper-Scissors" game. Instead of 3 options we have 5! Less chance of draw and more combinations.

Game of Thrones Nobel Houses are fighting for the victory, you may lead one of them. You have no idea what house will attack you, so make right choice.
Rules are simple: Baratheons beat Targaryens. Targaryens burn Lannister. Lannisters kill on a wedding Starks. Starks suppress Tyrell with honor. Tyrells force to merry Baratheons, while Baratheons head off Starks, after Starks with winter cool down Targaryens, while Targaryens suck all blood from Tyrells, as Tyrells drive into debt Lannisters, and Lannisters burn Baratheons with wild fire as it always was.
Lead your favorite house to the victory!