Wiggly Worm


Wiggly Worm's review

by Peter Warrior

Run away from the Angry Flappy Bird

  • Flappy gameplay, but better and wittier
  • Suited for all audiences
  • Free
  • Little variety in graphics
  • Only one game mode

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"What do flappy birds feed on?"

Wiggly Worm is one of those deceitful games that, sheltered by simple graphics, hides devilish gameplay beneath. It's as simple as running - well, crawling - away from a red bird, so we can consider this game a 2D upwards sidescrolling ever-runner, with the main difference being that your worm is always turning either clockwise or counterclockwise.

As with any good one tap action game, there's only one option: tap on the screen to turn. This changes the direction the worm's turning. If you tap continuously, you get the closest thing to advancing possible. Then you have only to worry about some badly placed walls on your way.

It's a very difficult game, and most of its fun comes from that. You'll learn the ropes in a few seconds, but every new highscore will mean a milestone.

Recommended as one of those games there's absolutely no harm in having conveniently installed, either to give it a go here and then or show it to your friends, who will think they can do better...till they try.

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Jul 21, 2014

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