Zombie Age 2


Zombie Age 2's review


Zombie Age 2 has you choose a famous character, equip him, and take out zombie hordes

  • Addicting gameplay
  • Perfect for short-burst sessions
  • 7 game modes
  • Have to pay to upgrade

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"Take out hordes of zombies in this cartoony game"


According to some of the top apps on both iOS and Android markets, we live in an age where zombies are all over the place. Looking to capitalize on the zombie craze developer DIVMOB brings their latest game, Zombie Age 2, to your mobile device. In this game, your town is overrun by zombies, and it´s up to you to contain them. You´re given powerful weapons like a machete, the standard assault rifle, along with power-ups to contain this threat. You can also choose from one of several famous icons like the Terminator a character that looks an awfully lot like Wolverine.


Zombie Age 2 is rather addicting and easy to get into. It´s also perfect for short-burst gameplay sessions, whether you´re on-the-go or waiting in line. There are also 7 game modes to try out.


While your character does level up in Zombie Age 2, you have to pay for the upgrades in order to advance in this game, a huge turnoff for economy-minded gamers who are looking to play without having to spend any cash.

Daniel Adrian Sanchez

by Daniel Adrian Sanchez

Dec 10, 2015

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