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Cooking Mama Free Game

Description ***No Push Ads*** Take Free cooking chicken and make a delicious food! This class fills up pretty fast so be sure to download it today before it's full. ***This is a flash game and requires a flash player.***

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Download Flappy Alien Flappy Alien icon
Flappy Alien

Tales of flappy bird went to the outer space and one pink alien decided to come to earth to check out this flappy adventure. Download this FREE game now and help the flappy alien through this thrilling ride filled with flappiness and loads of star collection. HOW TO PLAY Tap to make the alien flap and go up, release to make him go down. Avoid pip…

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Download Shuriken Block Shuriken Block icon
Shuriken Block

Test your reflection in an extensive blocking training. [How to play] > Tap on shuriken falling line to block it. > Try to archive the medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard) and Platinum (very hard).

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Download Drunk Irish Zombies Drunk Irish Zombies icon
Drunk Irish Zombies

Drunk Irish Zombies everywhere! Celebrate St. Patrick's day in true Irish fashion by punching, kicking and combo-ing your way through an endless array of the drunken Irish. Of course, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Collect a hoard of ingredients and mix your own Moonshine to unlock special-brew power-ups! Created in Ireland,…

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Download Click Jogos Attack on Titan Click Jogos Attack on Titan icon
Click Jogos Attack on Titan

Meet the new Flying Game! To avoid the Titan while tap Navigate the Eren & Levi & Mikasa of Attack on Titan with tapping your finger on the screen and avoid the obstacles. Try to get as wide you can and float through the water like a bird and beat your own highscore. This game is very difficult! Go for it! [How to play] > Tap to fly t…

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Download NYANCAT's Sweet Dream NYANCAT's Sweet Dream icon
NYANCAT's Sweet Dream

Nyan Cat to embark on an adventure with a sweet and fun What do you think? Apart from fun in the game's six different sections. You can open a new chapter in your high score and you can add fun to your leisure. Simply click on the screen to Nyan Cat redirect to elude the obstacles. Come on, what are you waiting now be partners in sweet dreams…

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Download Apocalypse Cow Apocalypse Cow icon
Apocalypse Cow

Build up your castle and defense against fierce enemies that sometimes fire cows, how many rounds can you survive? Note: No cows were harmed during the creation of the game. [Gameplay] Place cannons surrounding your castle Tap on enemies, ships and cows... to attack! Reach the highest score you can and brag about it on your favorite social media…

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Download Construction Simulation 3D Construction Simulation 3D icon
Construction Simulation 3D

Construction Simulation is a newly addictive game in Android, This free Android allow you to build the virtual and rising city . . If you like to know more about how they do the construction work to build the entire city, then this is definitely the for you! Have a go at the crane, cement mixer, tractors and more.

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Download Line Run - Smash for Glory Line Run - Smash for Glory icon
Line Run - Smash for Glory

The New Smash Hit and Trending game for android "Line Run -Smash for Glory" from Jayka Labs. Smash your screen and Run your pucks through Lines and reach the Warps before time Runs out. Beware of the bombs in FrontLine though.

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Download Poke Craft Poke Craft icon
Poke Craft

You will be presented with a world of pixel monsters to catch. Can you catch them all? This is the most anticipated app of the year, and we are sure you will love it. People of any age or background will enjoy playing this game. More content including multiplayer will be added in future releases, so prepare yourself for the best game of the century…

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Download Eat Your Candy Eat Your Candy icon
Eat Your Candy

Imagine being a little red gum drop and a little boy eating you. You are not in a good environment. You need to dodge all sorts of things in his tummy. Can you make it out alive? Good luck my little red gum drop. This game is very addictive. Play it in short bursts when you have a few minutes here or there. It is easy to play but tough to master.

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