Download Grow Some Balls: Big or Bust! Grow Some Balls: Big or Bust! icon
Grow Some Balls: Big or Bust!

Spiky balls are balling out of control and invading your space! Assert your dominance by growing some balls – the bigger they are, the better. Use the quirky and silly balls as filler for the screen. Tip: Close spacing of the balls can help trap the bounce and wiggle of spiky balls. Tilt your device to adjust the balls for greater control. Each l…

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Download Smash the Glass:StressReliever Smash the Glass:StressReliever icon
Smash the Glass:StressReliever

The world is a very frustrating place. Sometimes you just need to get that stress out. What better way to do that than to just break glass! With Smash the Glass: Stress Reliever you can safely smash away at your device screen and have fun doing it. How to Play: Simply tap your screen to crack the glass and increase your score When the glass is co…

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Download Tuya Tuya icon

A simple drawing pad with the following features: * save the draw history and share with your friends * various colors, brushes and paint styles * draw anytime, replay the draw history anywhere * free, no advertisements and open source

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Download Diamonds Capture Diamonds Capture icon
Diamonds Capture

Get Diamonds Capture and enjoy Star Arcade – the number one Mobile Social Gaming network! No single player, no offline modes – just online multiplayer! Perfect your gaming experience by tapping the STAR and access Star Lounge! Would you like to handle shiny diamonds all day long? Do you like to spend time with some nice people online? If you answe…

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Download Fish Eat Fish Fish Eat Fish icon
Fish Eat Fish

A fun game, 2D game screen Fayed art and 3D animation, Touch the screen to operate, Fish fish will slowly continue to grow, But to avoid being eaten by a shark Oh! Bottom right corner of the screen there are many items that can help you get more help.

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Download Fire Trucks Games Free Fire Trucks Games Free icon
Fire Trucks Games Free

Do you have a little fireman in your family? Download the Fire Truck Games Free app on your Android device and let him or her enjoy the fun and learn at the same time. Meant for kids two and up, this free fire truck game app will entertain your kid for hours. Fire Truck Games For Kids includes: Memory Game - This fire truck game for toddlers wi…

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Download Beach Dressup / Princess Beach Dressup / Princess icon
Beach Dressup / Princess

Do you want to create your own beach girl? Download this free game! To dress a beautiful beach girl ~ Rules of the game: Dress up the beautiful beaches and show for everyone. You can dress up, switch to a different hairstyle and clothes, choose a different beach toys. Come and dress up her. Through your dress, so on the beach girl look like a supe…

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Download Spinner Spinner icon

Got a board game that needs a spinner? Lost the spinner, or just want something more high tech? This spinner will go round and round and then randomly stop in any segment. Ideal for games or for spin the bottle. Select any number of spinner segments and text to match your board game. Shake or click to make it spin.

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Download Baby Prince Mermaid Care Game Baby Prince Mermaid Care Game icon
Baby Prince Mermaid Care Game

Prince baby mermaid is in your family and you have no idea how to take care of him. This fun loving game for little kids will teach you how to take care of baby prince mermaid. Girls are you ready to take care of little baby prince mermaid. This baby mermaid care games will teach you how to take of baby prince mermaid. It is new baby games. This Ba…

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Download Bounce Upward Bounce Upward icon
Bounce Upward

Bounce upward between the different orbits while avoiding them! Simply tap the screen to move the dot upward carefully through each obstacles. Tap tap and wait until the right moment before you move. - Pick coins along the way to get a point - Pick the diamond to get 5 points to increase your leaderboard chance Be careful not to move the wrong m…

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Download Girl Dress Up 2 Girl Dress Up 2 icon
Girl Dress Up 2

Jess is really a hottie and she is invited to a big party a few days later.What's more,there's gonna be some super stars there atending the party.Jess is very happy and she would like to dress up for the big party of the year.But there are so many clothes to choose and she doesn't even know which one to wear,for a beautiful girl,dress u…

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Download Weather Screen Prank Weather Screen Prank icon
Weather Screen Prank

Turn your mobile phone into a Weather Screen simulator. This app is very funny,and can have a joke with your friends and family. When you touch the screen, the screen suddenly begin to rain and snow, thunder and lightning. Your friends will be scared by this weather screen prank. This weather screen simulator is only a prank, just scare them. How…

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