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Smart Dash

Do you think that you can go through every object and still alive? Try to play right now and show to your friends that you are the best. GAME CONTENTS ★ Background change color on high scores; ★ Game stats(you can analyse your results); ★ Beautiful design and colors; ★ Very addictive. ★ Play with differents characters! Follow us on social media…

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Hidden Secrets of Alexandria

Discover mystery hidden among ancient rumbles of Alexandria. Go through stunning landscapes, wild nature, and forgotten caves of Egypt in our new hidden object game -Hidden Object: Secrets of Alexandria. Enjoy searching for items in colorful exotic locations. Explore the World of hidden treasures. Find your way to the secret. Different game modes,…

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One Tap Insect Invasion

The nuclear reactor has gone crazy, and giant radioactive insects are roaming the desert! Can you, a humble soldier, make it through the armies of giant insects and shut down the reactor? Oh, and you also have to do it with only one tap! Good luck soldier!

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console game

Do you remember the old console game little? Devices that were once all the lives and memories of our childhood. Small devices that hours of your time spent with them. Famous tanks to play his home games of console game in the same house his entire reputation.

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Fire engine Puzzle

A fire engine (also known in some territories as a fire apparatus, fire truck, or fire appliance) is a vehicle designed primarily for firefighting operations. In addition, many fire departments often employ their fire engines for various other uses including, but not limited to, EMS, hazmat, auto extrication and technical rescue. The terms "fi…

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Download Cute Doris Bathing Baby Games Cute Doris Bathing Baby Games icon
Cute Doris Bathing Baby Games

Hi, today we have to go in another city for a conference and because of this we can not take care of our daughter, Doris. Do you think you could help us? You are a diligent and responsible child? If you like girls games then this game is perfect for you. You have the opportunity to help us with the care of an adorable little girl. She wakes up in t…

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MTT Also available as a free version, MTT Free I've never been good at this whole Spiel, but I guess I am suppose to say something along the lines of: Test the dexterity of your thumbs and your multitasking skills with this fun and sometimes frustrating little puzz…

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Where in the World

Think you're well travelled? Where in the World is a game of geographic knowledge, we'll show you a location on StreetView and you have a set time to identify where in the world that place might be. Simply drop a pin on the map to make a guess and you'll get a score based on how close you were to the correct location. Beware! Once th…

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Hidden Treasures Hidden Object

*Sale* Hidden treasures is a fun and colorful casual hidden object game. You follow the story of a young orphan boy whose treasure hunting father went missing 10 years ago. You will travel to exotic places in search of his fathers greatest treasure. There are over 100 items to find in 10 different locations of the world. Locations include a rainf…

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Cars for Kids

Keep your toddlers entertained with the Cars for Kids app. Tap on a car, forklift, truck, ship, fire engine, airplane or any other type of vehicle to see and hear it move using different animated backgrounds and sounds. Features include: • All vehicles have realistic sounds • Help your toddlers learn different types of vehicles • Simple and easy…

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Download Pajama Party– Girl Games Pajama Party– Girl Games icon
Pajama Party– Girl Games

Play this dress-up game featuring three real fashion victims! It's summer again. Time to have a great Pajama Party.The days are warm and in the evening it's nice to go outside for a while, to have a stroll with your friends, wearing your most beautiful pajama. In this game you can choose the nicest look for these three friends. First a grea…

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Download Funny cats Dancing and playing Funny cats Dancing and playing icon
Funny cats Dancing and playing

Funny cats, free application. Cats dancing and playing music on the musical instruments. In the application you will find: cat playing the music of Mozart, cats playing disco music on the keyboard, cats dancing Hawaiian dance and disco dance, cat playing on the drum. Download the application and have a great time. In case of any problems with the…

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