Download Baby Dino Mania- Pet Care Game Baby Dino Mania- Pet Care Game icon
    Baby Dino Mania- Pet Care Game

    Welcome to dinosaur’s world, yes its baby dino mania! In the human’s world we have some little baby dinosaurs living. Have you ever thought about baby dinosaurs? You will get full entertainment in this baby dino pet care games. Choose any baby dino from the list. Take care of them just like your pet. This pet care games having step by step instruct…

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    Download Memorix 3D Memorix 3D icon
    Memorix 3D

    A new kind of memory match game totally 3-D! Irresistible casual memory game you can play anytime!! Enjoy Memorix3D.

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    Download Princess Freestyle Full Princess Freestyle Full icon
    Princess Freestyle Full

    You can create your own fashion template with princesses, beautiful gowns, high heels, purses, and more. Place the princesses and items on the page anywhere you like. Add as many as you like. You can show off your princess with a collection of her favorite dresses and shoes. It's up to you and your imagination. Instructions: - Tap on Start to g…

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    Download Why Does Earth Smell So Bad? Why Does Earth Smell So Bad? icon
    Why Does Earth Smell So Bad?

    Once upon a time, far far away in the galaxy lived happy little monsters. They were always wondering: "Why does the Earth smell so bad?" One day they decided to find out! One little monster was sent on a quest to find the source of the smell. Help little monster to travel around the Earth and: - clean polluted forests - plant new…

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    Download PIPE-RIGHT PIPE-RIGHT icon

    Sir!, After years of negotiations we finally gain the rights to build our pipeline straight to Petrovsk City! Build the longest pipeline as you can, and gain the best score in the global ranking. Sir! Watch out for greens, they will be furious if you spill too much our black gold! Ahh.. and don't build through forests of course!

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    Download Lucky Hole Lucky Hole icon
    Lucky Hole

    We designed a game to make you free your mind and get rest while playing with it. It is and easy to play game that doesn't require any talents. Just throw the balls from the pipe to the holes at the bottom. There are stable, moving, turning platforms, blocks, springs, black holes and much more in the levels. We designed 20 different levels…

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    Download Cute Girl's Lungs Cure Cute Girl's Lungs Cure icon
    Cute Girl's Lungs Cure

    Cute Girl is very naughty,skateboard and bicycle are her favorite sports,and she has been busy on his world wide tour,she has not seen the doctor for years.Recently,she feels there is something wrong with her lungs.She finally spares her time to visit the lungs doctor.As a doctor,it's your duty to take care of her health.After you start looking…

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    Download Matrix screen Matrix screen icon
    Matrix screen

    An application that fulfills screen with matrix of random 1s and 0s. The color can be changed by swiping screen vertically; the flow speed can be modified by swiping screen horizontally; the font’s size can be modified by volume buttons;

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    Download BiCubic - HD (Free) BiCubic - HD (Free) icon
    BiCubic - HD (Free)

    Control two cubes through their own routes in this free, addictive, 3D, runner/ concentration game. It's harder than it sounds! It's a tricky game of concentration and coordination to the extreme. CONTROLS Tap on the respective side to change the direction of the respective cube, by going left or right to stay on route. Tap the left side…

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    Download Maniac Runner Maniac Runner icon
    Maniac Runner

    Welcome to Maniac Runner. This game a free run. Run on the buildings and don't fall. *Fries =1 point *Pizza = 10 point *Every 100 point a new build design; And a little bit speed :) :) *Upload your score leaderboard AND ENJOY !!

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    Download Shoot For The Stars Shoot For The Stars icon
    Shoot For The Stars

    Description: Get ready for some celestial annihilation! Shoot For The Stars is a fun, casual, physics game set in outer space. Take aim and then shoot, bounce and teleport your way around 100 levels to collect all the stars. Featuring three game modes: •  Casual Mode - Clear all 100 levels at your own pace. •  Time Attack - See how quickly you…

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