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Space Stars

Space Stars is one of the best games online! Challenge yourself in order to have the best high score as possible! Collect stars to earn point. With Space Stars you can share your score on Facebook , see your friends high score and try bet their high score. *You will be able to unlock different space ships! *Reward video! *Share high score with…

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Download Obstacle Obstacle icon

Obstacle is a game where you have to get past obstacles. You move by swipe left or right.

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Download Tagg Tagg icon

Play a game of Bluetooth tag. The server keeps track of the [player/players] who are it and the Bluetooth adapter in your phone is the "contact" between players. Instructions If You Are Hosting The Game: Open the app switch to the "About" tab Select "Included Tagg Server V 0.3.8 (RC)" Plug your phone into you compute…

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Alien Pop!

The aliens are coming! Tap on them to pop them! Pop them all and another wave appears for you to tap, pop, squish and boom! Alien Pop! is designed for young children to develop manual dexterity, and appeal to their touch things and watch them react. There's no win or lose - just plenty more aliens coming to be popped! Featuring twenty differe…

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Download Millie and Loo Millie and Loo icon
Millie and Loo

When Little Miss Millie finds herself alone on her birthday, a dapper new friend appears! Join Millie and Loo as they discover that with a bit of imagination, adventure is never too far away. With your download you'll receive 23+ full color pages of imaginative and engaging art and interactive illustrations. Follow along with the narrator or…

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Download Roll Or Don't™ Roll Or Don't™ icon
Roll Or Don't™

Roll dice, and keep rolling as long as you feel lucky! When you think your luck is running out, end your turn to save your progress. If you get to the top of three columns and capture them, you win! * Three Computer Opponents * Optional Rules * Six Ways To Play * Win/Loss Statistics!

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Download Settlers Randomizer Settlers Randomizer icon
Settlers Randomizer

Randomizes many shapes of Settlers of Catan boards. Distinguishing Features: - Handles Seafarers scenarios (in 3-4P & 5-6P). - Handles Fog; board randomized fairly underneath but each foggy tile only revealed when double-tapped. - Pinch-zoom & drag the board.

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Download PokaPoka PokaPoka icon

Poka Poka is a multiplayer board game with a three-dimensional view where you will be able to challenge your friends or family members. There are four different characters you can choose from before starting the game. To begin, roll the dice and let your character move by itself. If you're lucky you can land in spots that will automatically te…

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Drumr Drum Set Ad Free

★★★ Introducing Drumr! Now only $0.99 ★★★ Drumr is the most unique drumming experience on Android! Drumr can turn any object into a musical instrument! Teach Drumr to associate any sound with one of the available drums and other instruments. You can drum on table tops, cups, cans, pineapples or whatever object you happen to have close by. Drumr w…

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Download Cannon Note Cannon Note icon
Cannon Note

Cannon Note for Android! In this game you can make incredible shots in over 50 levels, and unlock trophies. There are collectibles in each level and a powerful physics engine. The name means "A cannon in a notepad". Also, it is super addictive! It has intuitive touch controls and classic button controls. Enter a pen painted world in a not…

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Download 4 fun brain puzzle games 4 fun brain puzzle games icon
4 fun brain puzzle games

This game app includes four games to help your mind focus, retain, and solve. No interruptions, advertisements or in-app purchases. 1) Cows and Bulls - Android picks a secret code of numbers and you try to guess the secret code. Adjust the secret code length from 3 to 10 digits. Take as much time as you need. This is not meant to be stressful. 2…

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Download Hidden Obj. Victoria Greenland Hidden Obj. Victoria Greenland icon
Hidden Obj. Victoria Greenland

Do you have a fur-coat? Make sure to get one because Victoria and Steve are off to Greenland! Travel to the home of the brave and courageous ancient Vikings, and unravel their secrets! Collect all the shield parts that will lead you to the next mysterious medallion, the key to the lost continent of Atlantis! Trust you intuition and help Victoria…

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