Download 100 Shots + Cheers! 100 Shots + Cheers! icon

100 Shots + Cheers!

This app is the fusion of the two old, popular apps. It contains every...

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2 Users
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- Infinite, random-generated levels - One-tap gameplay - No internet c...

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10 Users
Download Figuromo Kids : Simply Missy Figuromo Kids : Simply Missy icon

Figuromo Kids : Simply Missy

(Min 2Gb device RAM) Fans of Anime Chibi Figure collections, this app...

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$0.99 Free | 8.6 14

8.6 Users
Download Birdie Dash Birdie Dash icon

Birdie Dash

"We LOVE Birdie Dash PLAY ANYWHERE ANYTIME No matter where you...

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Download The Jam Game The Jam Game icon

The Jam Game

JELLY. ACTION. MADNESS. Jump in and start running! It’s only you, you...

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10 Users
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Get lost in a quiet, comforting world where there's no pressure to...

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Beetle Run

Beetle Run Game is an easy and fun run game to play with your kids. Th...

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Download Plummeting Pete Plummeting Pete icon

Plummeting Pete

Control your journey down by tilting your device, and don't hit in...

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Download Escape Rouge Escape Rouge icon

Escape Rouge

Tilt your device to dodge asteroids. Oil painted graphics! Totally sil...

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Download Fatal Ball of Truth Fatal Ball of Truth icon

Fatal Ball of Truth

Ask the ball anything? What will it tell you! Features: • You tap you...

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Download Mystic 8 Ball Mystic 8 Ball icon

Mystic 8 Ball

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mystical adventure, and psychic phen...

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In doubt? Let DiceApp decide! With DiceApp you can write text and put...

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