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The Code Head challenges should be achievable using your brain and a scientific calculator, stream 0x01 uses assembly and c.

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Project Orb

The objective in Project Orb is to evade hostile orbs and lethal obstacles while attempting to collect as many green orbs as possible. There are two game modes: Survival Mode and Arcade Mode. In Survival Mode, the player attempts to survive as long as possible while collecting green orbs in the process to raise the high score. In Arcade Mode, the p…

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Rene the cute ladybug

You are René, a little ladybug. Take René through over 50 levels on your phone or tablet, collect as many shamrocks as possible and help René's friends to get to the big goal shamrock. But watch out - on the way, you and your friends will have to beware of hornets, frogs, spiders, fish, flesh-eating plants and ants. - A great gaming pleasure…

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RMS: Monsters of Rochester

Step into the Real Medway and Swale and uncover hidden stories and artwork. Find and photograph characters that come alive and tell you their tales, as you explore in the towns of Rochester, Chatham, Gillingham, Sheerness, Sittingbourne and Faversham. Each episode will be a new experience. Using Haunted Planet’s augmented reality engine, Real Me…

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Gravity Maze

Here's a little game made by a 14 year old dev. I hope you enjoy it. Press and hold on the arrows to rotate the maze and try to fall as far as you can, picking up coins along the way, but don't bump into the walls.

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Appisodes: Road Rally

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney Junior Appisode featuring "Road Rally" is filled with video, games and music as preschoolers play along with their favorite Disney Junior show. They will touch, tap, swipe, tilt, shake and talk their way through a fully immersive interactive TV episode that reinforces developmental values. Join Mickey an…

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Circle Me Matching

Circle Me Matching is a simple word to picture matching game. Designed to be educational for children, fun for all! To play the game, move the circle over the matching image. Each time you make a successful matching you will earn a star and a piece of cheese! You will lose one piece of cheese for every incorrect matching or move. See how many s…

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Movie Quotes Hangman

#1 in Czech Apple AppStore Movie Quotes Hangman is simple but fun game where you and your friends will not only remember legendary and iconic movies, but also latest blockbusters. Game is based on the rules of the classic game HANGMAN. The role of the player is to save executed Querentin Tentarino from death. The key is solving names of 30, 40 o…

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Droid Mini Golf - PRO

Mini Golf with a little extra. A simple mini golf game. Swipe the screen in the direction and speed of the shot, but watch out for the obstacles. Think you've mastered it? Play against the world in the tournaments.

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Filmová šibenice

#1 v Českom Apple AppStore Filmová šibenice je jednoduchá textová hra, založená na pravidlech klasické hry šibenice (obesenec). Úkolem hráče je zachránit Querentina Tentarina od smrti popravením tak, že uhodne názvy 50 (podle obtížnosti) filmů. Hlavní pomůckou při hádání, je výrok z daného filmu. Kat vybere na začátku každého kola právě jeden. Ná…

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Throw Stuff At Your Boss

This is a one player fun game. If you are angry with your boss and have trouble managing your anger; we have a solution. Throw Stuff At Your Boss!! Throw office items at your BOSS! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS IN REAL LIFE. Instead play the game and release your frustration without hurting anyone. Disclaimer: Throw Stuff at Your Boss is for entertaiment…

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Welcome to CodeBot PRO! This is a simple and beautiful app, to generate coded messages. The app can: * Encode :- Generate a Secret Code with an Encryption key * Decode:- Convert back the Secret Code to your original message * Has support for themes * My CodeBot Friends :- Can store an unlimited number of Contact names with their encryption keys…

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