Download Motor Wheel Motor Wheel icon
    Motor Wheel

    Aplikacja służąca za kontroler do sterowania motorem w grze przy pomocy akcelerometru. Telefon z włączoną aplikacją powinien zostać umieszczony w kasecie zamontowanej na motorze. Sterowanie zostało specjalnie zaprojektowane w taki sposób, aby doświadczenie było jak najbliższe jeździe na motorze. Icons made by Freepik from is lice…

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    Download Guide for 8 Ball Pool Guide for 8 Ball Pool icon
    Guide for 8 Ball Pool

    This application is an guide for 8 Ball Pool game alpha contains complete tutorial, information, tips and tricks on how to play the game. If you ‘re a fans of 8 Ball Pool game, then this is one of the best guide app for you. You can find information identified with your amusement levels , characters here and open . This is a perfect for beginner an…

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    Download Guess the football player Guess the football player icon
    Guess the football player

    Find the correct name of football players guess the football player quiz football guess?

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    Download Game Intuition Game Intuition icon
    Game Intuition

    Intuition, in contrast to reasoning, is an immediate apprehension or cognition based on unconscious knowledge or conviction. In general parlance, intuition is defined as “knowing something without knowing how you know it”. In recent years’ research has focused on off-pitch training in order to improve on-pitch performance. It has been shown that Vi…

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    Download Flick Shoot Football Flick Shoot Football icon
    Flick Shoot Football

    Flick Shoot Football Easy free kick game Ball physics were made very realistic to bring outstanding experience to the player. AI can be adjusted to frustratingly difficult levels.

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    Download Rugby Best Kicks Rugby Best Kicks icon
    Rugby Best Kicks

    For rugby fans you can play this game !! - America Football game is to kick a fan of rugby since the game test you how you can kick to the targets set. The game is very interesting. The number one rugby game on mobile, Football Kicks is all about mastering your free kicks, through blood, sweat and tears on the pitch. - In this game you will also…

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    Download Wise Betting Wise Betting icon
    Wise Betting

    The best betting tips from expert here to put money in your pocket. The idea is to pick 3-4 games daily and bet on them.

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    Download Maahi Maar! Maahi Maar! icon
    Maahi Maar!

    Phone hilao maahi se pitao(video and image credits : Shudh desi endings

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    Download 8 Ball Pool 8 Ball Pool icon
    8 Ball Pool

    - Play in the most popular Classic 8 Ball Pool game in the world, 8 Ball Pool is the best Offline Pool Billiard game for any Android phone, it's totally free! - In 8 Ball Pool app, you can play billiards, snooker and 8 Ball Pool for free. - Show your skills in the practice arena, play the 8 Ball Pool game on your mobile or any Android device…

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    Download Ben Hero - Time Simulator 2k17 Ben Hero - Time Simulator 2k17 icon
    Ben Hero - Time Simulator 2k17

    Plunge into the fighting atmosphere of parkour in this simulator. There is no place for weakness and regret! Become the hero Ben, show the wonders of agility, fight monsters from another time and win a deadly competition. You will not have a chance to think, because only destruction is waiting for you behind you and the only way to survive is to be…

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    Download Caillo joue le basketball Caillo joue le basketball icon
    Caillo joue le basketball

    Ollandev presents Caillo joue le Basketball !!! Help and guide Caillo to score as many baskets as possible. Caillo must score points as much as possible in a determined time. At each level the firing position will change and the difficulty increases. You can become a basketball star with Caillo boob. Main Features : • Sports and interactive learni…

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    Download Wrestling All Stars Fighting Wrestling All Stars Fighting icon
    Wrestling All Stars Fighting

    Fight with your favorit impact wrestling and destroy enemies. Do you remember the deep and involving General Manager Mode? Well, it’s back as is the fun Season Mode as well. The extra time in the oven hasn't made a real hero on pinning down and beating into submission the problems that kept the series debut from being the tour de force game en…

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