Beyond Two Souls Video

Beyond Two Souls Video

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It is nice to see newlywed couples
They have found new heavens
It is beginning of new life
One can be called as husband and another as wife

It is meeting of two different persons
It is true and they are blessed by the seasons
They may be compelled and guided by many reasons
They are rue daughter and son of some ones

Open sex is never advocated
Willingness to marry is simply indicated
It will not come in anybody's way
Both may have desire and decisive say

Sex in open or general is not appreciated
It creates bad blood and atmosphere is vitiated
There is fight for the cause and results in to death
There is enmity all over and inviting the wrath

You can't go against society and defy
You got enter into act and sanctify
You must give it a name of marriage
It will then come to know as life carriage

Love to end in marriage is not something new
It is grant of license which was needed review
It was in offing and very much due
It is sacred and holy that is also very true

It is some sort of permanent independence
You have legally brought the end of romance
She has Okayed the proposal for permanent bond
You were after here and wanted to go beyond

Nothing goes wrong if sincerely put forward
There is no scope for going backward
There are some rules considered to be standard
You may cease to act as common love birds

There has to be no word such as separation
It must be ruled out and put out of question
Your train has come to a stop at station

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