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AutoRotate Switch

The 1st non-widget AutoRotate app that got 100k-500k downloads! Thanks...

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Free 9 3.2K

9 Users
Download Auto Rotate Widget Auto Rotate Widget icon

Auto Rotate Widget

This is a simple auto rotate widget. This application is included w...

Similar app: WiFi Toggle Widget

Free 8.4 3.1K

8.4 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Switch Auto-Rotate Switch icon

Auto-Rotate Switch

Auto-Rotate-Switch is an app that change your screen orientation quick...

Similar app: Auto-Rotate Switch Pro

Free 8.4 1.2K

8.4 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch icon

Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch

Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch toggles autorotate on/off. The switch i...

Similar app: Bluetooth Status Bar Switch

Free 9.2 1.7K

9.2 Users
Download Auto-Rotate Widget Auto-Rotate Widget icon

Auto-Rotate Widget

The Auto-Rotate Widget allows you to toggle the auto-rotate screen set...

Similar app: Auto-Rotate Widget Donate

Free 8.4 1.7K

8.4 Users
Download AutoRotate OnOff AutoRotate OnOff icon

AutoRotate OnOff

Simple AutoRotate toggle widget (1x1). Allows you On/Off your screen a...

Similar app: AutoSync OnOff

Free 9 5.2K

9 Users
Download AutoRotation Control AutoRotation Control icon

AutoRotation Control

Stop the display auto-rotating to the right or left side , without aff...

Similar app: Give Way To The Right

Free 8.4 215

8.4 Users
Download Auto Rotate On Off switch Auto Rotate On Off switch icon

Auto Rotate On Off switch

The simplest apps to switch on/off for the screen auto rotate. No ext...

Similar app: Auto rotate switcher

Free 8 333

8 Users
Download AutoRotate Change AutoRotate Change icon

AutoRotate Change

"AutoRotate Change" and then ON / OFF the automatic rotation...

Similar app: AutoRotate OnOff Switch Widget

Free 7.6 432

7.6 Users
Download Auto Rotate Changeover Auto Rotate Changeover icon

Auto Rotate Changeover

This application is [ which changes the state of automatic rotation of...

Similar app: Manner Mode Changeover

Free 8.8 14

8.8 Users
Download Auto-rotate screen (1.5-) Auto-rotate screen (1.5-) icon

Auto-rotate screen (1.5-)

Auto-rotate screen toggle application (not a widget). (Android 1.5-)

Similar app: Auto-rotate (1.6-)

Free 7.8 806

7.8 Users
Download AutoRotate On/Off Toggle AutoRotate On/Off Toggle icon

AutoRotate On/Off Toggle

Allow user to toggle the function "Auto Rotate" by using the...

Similar app: Auto-Rotate Status Bar Switch

Free 8.8 194

8.8 Users

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