Agricultural Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

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Principle of Agriculture
•Cultivation of the soil
•Tillage System
•Positive Effects of Tillage
•Negative Effects of Tillage
•Agricultural Chemistry
•Use of Manures
•The process of Germination
•How Leguminous plants obtain their Nitrogen
•Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
•Components of IPM
•IPM Methods

Principle of Soil Science
•Introduction to Soil Processes
•Soil Formation
•Soil Classification
•Soil Colloids
•Soil Reaction
•Water, Aeration and Soil Density
•Soil Organisms and Ecology
•Soil Organic Matter
•Soil Nutrients Management

Horticulture and Crops
•Division of Horticulture
•Classification of Crops

Farm Implements
•Soil cultivation
•Fertilizing & Pest Control
•Harvesting / post-harvest
•Hay making

•Agricultural Biotechnology
•Application of Agricultural Biotechnology
•Advantage of Agricultural Biotechnology
•Disadvantage of Agricultural Biotechnology

Surveying and Levelling I
•Classification based on the Purpose of Plans or Maps
•Classification based on the Instruments or Methods Employed
•Chain Surveying
•Compass Surveying
•Plane Table Surveying
•Triangulation Surveys

Surveying and Levelling II
•Theodolite Surveying
•What is Leveling?
•Methods of Leveling
•Leveling Staff
•Temporary Adjustments of a Level
•Principles of Direct Leveling
•Some Common Terms Used in Leveling
•Errors in Leveling

Soil Mechanics I
•Soil Mechanics
•Why mechanics of soils?
•Effective Stress and Capillarity: Hydrostatic Conditions
•Stress in soil

Soil Mechanics II
•Shear behavior

Environmental Impact
•Environmental Impact
•Land Transformation and Degradation
•Livestock Issues
•Climate change
•Sustainable Agriculture

Wells and Pumps
•Water Well
•Types of Water Well:
•Dug Well
•Driven Well
•Drilled wells
•Classification of Well
•Contamination of Water Well
•Types of Pumps: Positive Displacement Pump
•Impulse Pumps
•Velocity Pumps

•Objective of Agribusiness
•Analyzing an Agribusiness Venture
•Areas of Agribusiness Management
•Linkage of Management to Agribusiness
•Agribusiness Management
•Application of Management
•Goal setting in Agribusiness

Post-Harvest and Storage
•Post-Harvest Steps
•Production Practices
•Harvest Handling
•Chilling Injury
•Preventing Moisture Loss
•Reasons for Post-Harvest Losses

•Irrigation techniques

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