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All Guitar Scales

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Everything About Guitar Scales: Everything you ever wanted to know about guitar scales, but were afraid to ask! Learn to use the entire fretboard with this incredible guitar scale reference! This app contains 42 scale types, including major and minor scales, pentatonics, the seven major modes, diminished, melodic minor, harmonic minor, and much more - in all keys!

- No need internet connection
- Over 500 scales
- Over 38 alternate guitar tunings (with useful information) and over 50 preset custom tunings (or you can set your own tuning by using the unique custom tuning box feature)
- View any scale in alternate guitar tunings
- Beautiful design, easy to read notes and scales information
- Easy to detect Root note (see the blue circle)
- Supports Left and Right handed
- You can add selected scale to your favorites for easy access

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42 Scale types for all keys:
+ Major Scale Modes: Major, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian, Locrian
+ Harmonic Minor Modes: Harmonic Minor, Spanish Phrygian
+ Melodic Minor Modes: Melodic Minor, Lydian Augmented, Dorian b2, Lydian Dominant, Mixolydian b6, Locrian #2, Altered
+ Pentatonics: Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, Blues Scale, Major Blues Scale, Egyptian, Hirajoshi, Pelog, Balinese, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese 2
+ Symmetrical Scales: Half/Whole Diminished, Whole/Half Diminished, Whole Tone
+ Misc: Bebop Dominant, Bebop Major, Hungarian Major, Hungarian Minor, Enigmatic, Neopolitan Major, Neopolitan Minor, Flamenco, Arabian, Persian, Byzantine, Jewish

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- This update supports multiple screen resolutions

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Comments and ratings for All Guitar Scales
  • (66 stars)

    by paulo alexandre on 20/03/2013

    Great for the layout and looks and scales. Bad because you go up on the scales and the fret numbers change to letters. And the screen goes off every 30 seconds. When its open. The screen should not be on standby

  • (66 stars)

    by jamie beizsley on 15/01/2013

    Have seemed to have lost the ability to change the tunings on nexus 7. Might just be being stupid but can't see how to do it anymore??

  • (66 stars)

    by A Google User on 22/06/2012

    Great app!

  • (66 stars)

    by Ron on 25/10/2011

    From a guitarist of 33+ years
    Very handy and insightful.never stop learning!

  • (66 stars)

    by Hari on 06/09/2011

    Not fitting inside screen for HTC wildfire .. how to resize

  • (66 stars)

    by steve on 23/08/2011

    Brilliant app for any musician. Opens up a whole new world. Use chords instead of notes. Try and experience.

  • (66 stars)

    by Dave on 10/08/2011

    Almost exactly what I wanted
    The stand out of the ~6 apps I tried. Would get 5 stars if 2 features were added. - drag to move pos. on neck - color chord/arpeggio notes in scale.