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Biochemistry Study Guide

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Intended for everyone interested in Biochemistry, particularly undergraduate and graduate life science students.


Fully illustrated.
Complete lists of amino acids, functional groups, chemical classes.
IUPAC nomenclature
Periodic Table
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Table of Contents

I. Biomolecules
II. Chemical Properties
III. Structural Compounds
IV. Enzymes
V. Membranes And Transport
VI. Energy Pathways
VII. Signal Transduction
VIII. Techniques

General Index
Common Atoms
Standard Amino Acids
Functional groups
Chemical classes
IUPAC nomenclature
Periodic Table
Setup and Navigation

I. Biomolecules

Carbohydrates: Monosaccharides | Sugar | Disaccharide | Oligosaccharide | Polysaccharide | Starch | Glycogen | Gluconeogenesis

Lipids: Fatty Acids | Fatty Acid Degradation | Fatty Acid Synthesis | Triglyceride | Waxes | Lipoprotein | Phospholipids | Cholesterol

Nucleic acids: DNA | DNA replication | Mitochondrial DNA | RNA | mRNA | tRNA | Non-coding RNA | siRNA | RNA Degradation | Codon | Adenin | Cytosine | Guanine | Thymine | Uracil | Oligonucleotides

Proteins: Amino acid | Peptide | Primary structure | Secondary structure | Tertiary structure | Protein folding | Protein Degradation

II. Chemical Properties

Bonds: Covalent | Non-covalent | Ionic bond | Hydrogen bond | Van der Waals attractions | Hydrophobic forces

Hydrophilicity: Hydrophilic | Hydrophobic | Polarity

pH: pH | Acid | Alkaline | Base

Redox: Reduction and oxidation | Citric acid cycle | Hydrolysis

III. Structural Compounds

In cells: Actin | Intermediate filament | Microtubule | Flagellin | Peptidoglycan | Myelin | Myosin

In animals: Chitin | Keratin | Collagen | Silk

In plants: Cellulose | Lignin | Cell wall

IV. Enzymes

Enzymes: Etymology and history | 3D Structure | Thermodynamics | Kinetics | Inhibition | Metabolic pathways and allosteric enzymes | Enzyme-naming conventions

Examples: Ubiquitin | Kinase | Dehydrogenase | Proteasome

V. Membranes And Transport

Structure: Fluid mosaic model | Detailed Structure

Membrane Components: Phospholipids | Sphingomyelin | Glycolipid

Movement of Molecules: Diffusion | Osmosis | Electrochemical gradient | Membrane permeability

Passive transport: Facilitated diffusion | Ion channel

Active transport: ATP-Dependent Na/K Pump | V-ATPase | Proton pump | Electron transport | Antiporter | Symporter | Exocytosis | Endocytosis

VI. Energy Pathways

Cellular respiration: Aerobic respiration | Theoretical yields | Anaerobic respiration | Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

1. Glycolysis: Preparatory phase | Pay-off phase | Entry of sugars | Control of flux | Energy pay-off | Follow-up | Intermediates for other pathways | High aerobic glycolysis | Alternative nomenclature | Oxidative decarboxylation

2. Krebs cycle/Citric Acid cycle

3. Oxidative Phosphorylation

and much more...

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