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With this application you will be able to find out all the known data on the discovered exoplanets. View orbits of the planets and a comparison of the size relative to planets in our own solar system. You can also view a polar view plot of where the planets are in relation to the earth.

You also view correlation diagrams for the following:
* Semi major axis
* Eccentricity
* Orbital Period
* Mass
* Discovery year
* Radius
* Distance

The data that is available for the planets are as follows*:
* Mass
* Radius
* Surface Gravity
* Orbit period
* Semi-Major Axis
* Eccentricity
* Inclination
* Stellar mass
* Stellar Radius
* Distance From Earth
* Stellar Metallicity
* Spectral type
* Magnitudes
* Habitable Zone
* Right Ascension
* Declination
* Not all planets have the data listed.

Some features aren't available for all of the exoplanets, they depend on the data available. For displaying the orbit the application requires, the semi-major axis and the eccentricity. For the size compare it requires the radius. If the data isn't available the application will not have the option.

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Application icon is created with an image from NASA.

Keywords: Exoplanet, Kepler, Kepler-22b, Hot Jupiter, Radial velocity, Pulsar timing, transit, Gravitational microlensing, Astrometry, Orbit
Exoplanet missions: Kepler, CoRoT, AFOE, AAPS, OGLE

Tags: exoplantet, exoplanet, exoplanets apps, steve ibison steele, exoplanets.

Recently changed in this version

Added binary star system information.
Improved the database update.
Fix for a nullpointer on the planet info page.

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Suggestion for changes? Feature request? Found a bug? Email me at jamie@tridoros.com

Comments and ratings for Exoplanet
  • (43 stars)

    by Jason Black on 22/05/2014

    I see a few people have complained about this free app. To them I say, if you can make a better one for free, do it. Otherwise, shut up.

  • (43 stars)

    by Saeed Alharthy on 29/11/2013


  • (43 stars)

    by Alfredo S on 14/05/2013

    The app Freezes when I use th e Data , then my phone freezes

  • (43 stars)

    by Norman Bradley on 24/04/2013

    As a complement for the iOS version it's ok. As a stand alone it is disappointing..

  • (43 stars)

    by Rick P on 02/02/2013

    Stinks. Cant get this piece of junk off my phone faster.

  • (43 stars)

    by Steve Ibison-Steele on 17/12/2012

    I couldn't wait to download this to my new Android, but boy was I in for a surprise....... The version that was on the iPhone by Hanno Rein was polished and good, yet this monstrosity is reminiscent of a basic version for the Spectrum 48k. I mean come on, the graphics are truly awful. No no, you can't live on my shiney new phone, you belong in the trash bin.... off you go.