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This is a humble effort to come out with an Application that has numerous stotras written in Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam. Many stotras pertaining to Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Mother Devis (Parvathi, Lakshmi, Saraswathi), Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Lord Hanuman, and Navagrahas. All Sahasramanas, Ashthotrams, namavalis included. Currently it does not support native fonts but will surely be there in the next version.
Any suggestion to improve is welcome. Some stotras are as listed below.

Abhirami Stotram
Adhithya Ashtakam
Adhithya Dwadasa Nama Stotram
Adithya Kavacham
Adithya hrudayam
Ahalya Krutha Rama Stotram
Akhilandeswari Mathruka Pushpa Mala
Akshara Mana Malai(Tamil)
Ambadi Paithal (Malayalam)
Ambashtakam II
Ananda Lahari of Adi Shankara
Ananda Valli Stotram
Anjana Sridhara (Malayalam)
Apad Udharaka Hanumath Stotram stotram of King Vibheeshana
Ardha Nareeswara Ashtakam
Arya Navakam
Ashta Dasa Shakthi Peetha Stotram
Ashta Lakshmi Stotram
Ashta vimsathi Vishnu Nama Stotram
Athma nivasa Rama
Ayyappa Suprabatham
Bala Mukthavali Stotram
Bala Mukundashtakam
Bala satha nama stotram
Bhagawan Manasa Pooja
Bhagawathi Stotram
Bhagwatcharana Stotram
Bhaja Gaureesam
Bhaja Govindam
Bhavani Bhujangam
Bhavani Kavacham
Bhavani ashtakam
Bheeshma Stuti
Bhootha natha dasakam
Bhootha natha sthuthi vimsathi
Brahmanda Mohanakhyam Durga Kavacham
Budha Kavacham
Budha Pancha Vimsathi Nama Stotram
Chandra Kavacham
Chandra shekahrashtakam
Chathur Vyooha Stotram
Chidambareswara Stotram
Dakshina Lakshmi Stotram
Daridrya Dahana Shiva Stotram
Dasavathara Stotram
Dasavathara bhujanga stotram
Devi Argala Stuti
Devi Karumari Amman Storam (Tamil)
Devi Kavacham
Devi Keelagam
Devi Kshama Prarthana Stotram
Devi Mahathmya Stotra Ashtakam
Devi Patam (Tamil)
Devi Stotram
Devyaa Aarathrikam
Dharma Shasthru Ashraya Dwadasam
Dharma Shasthru Karavalamba Stotram
Dheena bandhu ashtakam
Durga Ashtakam
Durga Chalisa (Hindi)
Durga Chandra Kala Sthuthi
Durga Kavacham
Dwadasa Jyothir Linga Stotram
Dwadasa nama panjaram
Dwitheeya Kunja Vihari Ashtakam
Eka Dantha stotram
Eka Mukha Hanumath Kavacham
Ekadasa MUkha Hanumath Kavacham
Ganapathi Atharva Seersha
Ganapathi Sthavam
Ganesa Bahya Pooja
Ganesa Dwadasa Nama Stotram
Ganesa Manasa Pooja
Ganesa Mangalashtakam
Ganesa Pancha ratnam
Ganesa Saranam (Malayalam)
Ganesa Shodasa Nama stotram
Ganesha Kavacham
Garbha Rakshambika Stotram
Gauri Dasakam of Adi Shankara
Gopala Ashtakam
Gopala Vimsathi of Vedanta Desika
Gopika Geetham
Govinda Damodhara Stotram
Govindam Adhi Purusham from Brahma Samhitha
Govindhashtakam II
Guha panchakam
Guru Kavacham
Guru Maruth Puradheesam
Guruvayupuresa Bhujanga Stotram
Guruvayupuresa Sthavam(malayalam)
Guruvayupuresa Suprabatham
Guruvayupuresa sthavam (Malayalam)
Guruvayurappan (Malayalam)
Hanuman Chalisa (Hindi)
Hanumath Bhujanga Prayata Stotram
Hanumath Mangalashtakam
Hanumath Pancha Rathnam
Hanumath Sthuthi I
Hanumath Sthuthi II
Hari Nama Keerthanam
Hari Nama Mala Stotram
Indra Krutha Lakshmi Stotram
Indrakshi Sthothram
Jai Jagadish Hare
Janaki Panchakam
Jaya Madhrashtakam
Jnana prasoonambika stotram
Kalpa Shakhi Sthavam
Kalyana Vrushti Sthavam
Kamakshi Dukha Nivarana Ashtakam (Tamil)
Kamakshi Suprabatham
Kamala Pathyashtakam
Kanaka Dhara Sthothram
Kanda Guru Kavacham of Santhananda Swamigal (Tamil)
Kandhar Alankaram (Tamil)
Kandhar Anubhuthi (Tamil)
Karthikeya Karavalamba stotram
Kathyayani sthuthi
Kethu Kavacham
Kunthi Sthuthi
Kurma Stotram
Lalitha Nava Rathna Malai(Tamil)

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  • (51 stars)

    by Laxmi Bhodia on 11/06/2014

    Useful all the prayers in one apps. Thank u for creating in english as most people educated in Europe, Africa, Australia or outside India might have no education in hindi, sanskrit, other indian languages. A small request please add links on youtube so people sing along to help with pronunciation.

  • (51 stars)

    by Sathish Singh on 09/06/2014

    If I get this in tamil language means very happy. ..

  • (51 stars)

    by Santosh Khadka on 04/06/2014


  • (51 stars)

    by Manoj Kalyanpur on 02/06/2014

    Can be improved in English

  • (51 stars)

    by Ajay Ramdas on 29/05/2014

    Xcellent n very peacefull

  • (51 stars)

    by Visvesh Baabu on 25/05/2014

    Very nice app to Spiritual persons..

  • (51 stars)

    by SUNIL YADAV on 08/05/2014


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