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"Predict moon paths and phases"

Reviewed by / Nov 09, 2011

An easy and effective VR moon app.

When we start Moon Path we're welcomed by a precise initial tutorial to introduce its many features. Of course, if you just want to see how it works you can skip it at any time.

As it's a VR app, it works along side GPS and your device camera, showing where the moon should be and what has been and what will be its predictable path through the sky. We can play with the time sliders and the calendar to see past events or predict future night orbits. When needed, we can take a screenshot with a timestamp, add the data to our agenda or pinpoint the location in Google Maps. This way, it's easy to plan a candlelight dinner with views to the full moon or prepare your tripod and reflex camera to get that dream pic of that bridge while the crescent moon seems to rise from the river. These are just a couple of ideas we've gotten reviewing the app, but it's for sure that you can come up with better projects.

Everything runs smoothly, UI is great and features are very interesting. Good job, Sylde dot net.

This app is the little sister of Sun Path, which is by far more useful as you can read at its own review. Anyway, in a nutshell, a nice app for romantic people and night photographers, or if you want to download a free yet well thought curiosity.

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Developer's original description available here enables you to predict the moon path and its phase, simply looking through your phone.
This is a 100% free app!
Find moonrise and moonset times, not only on the horizon, but also depending on a building or a mountain.
You can even predict where the moon will be... if reflected in water!

Caution: some phones don't handle correctly gyroscopic sensors. Should you notice any innaccurate display, try deactivating gyros into application menu/settings. in the press:
100BestAndroidApps . "Positively awesome."
AppsZoom . "UI is great and features are very interesting."
zAugmentedReality . "Cool app."

If you have a question, if you wish for an improvment or if you have trouble running the application on your phone, please contact

The download is 1.3MB big, but the application can be moved on your SD card and would take in that case only 160kB from your internal storage!
Please refer to the bottom of the page for a detailed justification of the different authorizations required by the app. allows you to display the future trajectories of the moon in augmented reality:

* Look through your phone and see the path of the moon.

* Find out if the moon will be full or what phase it will be in.

* Plan the moonrise and moonset times, not only on the horizon, but also on a building or a relief.

* Travel in time and see what path the moon will follow in the months to come.

* Take and save photos.

* Check afterwards the different trajectories of the moon for a whole year.


* Plan to include the moon in your pictures, whether by day or night.

* Plan when a subject (like a statue for instance) will be aligned with the moon.

* Use the calendar of the moon phases.

* Use the agenda to plan your future pictures.

* This way, you will know when to return to the site to take your picture to the maximum effect.

* Use Google Maps to pinpoint its exact location.


Detailed justification of the different authorizations required by the app:

* Modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents

The app enables you to take pictures, so that you can check afterwards on those pictures the different sun or moon paths.
These photos are saved on the SD card. No other data is written or read in the SD card.
These data are deleted in case the app is uninstalled.

* Coarse (network-based) location / fine (GPS) location

The app requires the location of the user to compute the trajectories.
This position needn’t be accurate. That’s why you may use the network as well as the GPS (the first one available will be used).

* Prevent device from sleeping

The app displays live data in augmented reality, superimposed on the video.
The device is thus prevented from sleeping while the app is running.
As soon as the user quits the app, the automatic standby mode is reactivated.

* Full Internet access

The app enables you to check on GoogleMaps where the pictures were taken.
GoogleMaps requires a full internet access to operate.
The internet access is used by both GoogleMaps and the voucher codes system. No personal data is sent.

* Take pictures and videos

The app displays live data in augmented reality, superimposed on the video, and enables you to take pictures and check the different trajectories later/ with a clear head.

Recently changed in this version

2.8: A long click on the date/time button sets time back to now.

2.7: You can now predict where the moon will be... if reflected in water!

2.6: If your phone is equipped with gyroscopic sensors, the application uses them in order to further improve the image stabilization.

2.4: Image stabilization has been improved, so using the app will be more comfortable. Feel free to post comments on the Facebook page of the application!

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  • (48)

    by brijeshep on 24/08/2012

    Very Good for Astronomers... Thanks!

  • (48)

    by Gaurang Trivedi on 12/02/2015

    Good application for finding a moon or sun rising

  • (48)

    by Steve Kranz on 27/01/2015

    This app would be incredibly useful for exploring archeoastronomy sites if dates could go back further than 1900. How about removing that limitation or at least allowing the ability to go back as far as the year zero?

  • (48)

    by Ripple Ratt from Phat Ratt Photo on 08/12/2014

    No more guessing where the sun or moon will rise or set ot be to line up that perfect shot. This allows u to see the shot in advance so u can be there at the right time and location. Great. Love it.

  • (48)

    by radi nelaj on 13/11/2014


  • (48)

    by abhishek saxena on 11/10/2014

    Good accuracy, worked for me.

  • (48)

    by Michael King on 10/10/2014

    Using your phone's gyroscopic and location sensors the app points you to where the moon is now and gives you the path it will travel on. Great for finding where to see an eclipse of the moon on a cloudy evening.

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