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Organic Chemistry Study Guide

Organic Chemistry Study Guide

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Intended for everyone interested in Organic Chemistry, particularly undergraduate and graduate life science students, medical students, nursing, and dental students.


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Organic compounds, formulas and isomers
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Table of Contents

Introduction: History | Description and nomenclature | Classification | Characteristics of organic substances | Molecular structure elucidation | Organic reactions | Organic compounds

Chemical Bond: Valence electron | Covalent | Coordinate covalent bond | Ionic bond | Metallic bond | Polarity | Aromaticity

Molecular geometry: Valence bond theory | Valence shell electron pair repulsion theory | Orbital hybridization | Sigma bond | Pi bond | Lewis structure | Resonance | Carbon-carbon bond

Classification: Common Atoms | Hydrocarbons | Functional groups | Classes | IUPAC nomenclature | Periodic Table

Stereochemistry: Isomers | Structural isomerism | Stereoisomerism | Geometric isomerism | Optical isomerism | Diastereomer | Enantiomer | Cahn-Ingold-Prelog priority rule | Conformational isomerism

Organic Reactions: Nucleophile | Electrophile | Activation energy | Kinetics | Catalyst | Concerted r. | Stepwise r. | Inductive effect | Steric effects

Acid-base Reactions: pH | Acid | Base | Alkaline | Reaction theories | Conjugate acid | Protonation | Deprotonation

Substitution Reactions: Nucleophilic s. | SN1 | SN2 | SNi | Nucleophilic acyl s. | Nucleophilic aromatic s. | Neighbouring group participation | Electrophilic s. | Electrophilic aromatic s. | Radical s.

Elimination Reactions: E1 | E2 | Notes | Zaitsev's rule

Addition Reactions: Electrophilic a. | Syn & Anti a. | Markovnikov's & Anti-M. rule | Nucleophilic a. | Free radical a.

Other Reactions: Rearrangement r. | Redox r. | Hydrolysis | Condensation r. | Polymerization | Addition polymerization | Step-growth polymerization

Reactions by class: Alcohol | Amine | Ether | Epoxide | Haloalkane (Alkyl halide) | Alkene | Alkane | Alkyne | Carbonyls | Aldehyde | Ketone | Carboxylic acid | Ester | Amide | Acyl chloride | Benzene | Imine | Nitriles | Nitro compound

Spectroscopy: Absorption spectrum | Nuclear magnetic resonance S. | Infrared S. | UV/Vis. S. | Electromagnetic Spectrum

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