Learn PHP Programming

Learn PHP Programming

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This app provides a quick summary of essential concepts in PHP Programming by following snack sized chapters:

(Each chapter has corresponding flashcards)

Introduction to PHP:

• Introduction
• How PHP Helps?
• How PHP Works?
• Simple Example of PHP Program
• What Can PHP Do?
• Advantages of PHP
• Disadvantages of PHP

Introduction to Web Programming:

• Introduction
• What is Web Programming?
• Why Learn Web Programming?
• A Simple HTML “Hello World” Page
• Web Programming Languages
• How Does a Website Programming Work?

PHP Basics:

• Basic PHP Syntax
• Variables
• Control Statements
• Strings
• Functions
• Server-Side Scripting

PHP Variables:

• Variable in PHP
• Rules for PHP Variable Names
• How to Declare a Variable in PHP?
• Types of PHP Variable
• Variable Scope of PHP
• Local Scope
• Global Scope
• Static Scope
• Parameters

Introduction to HTML:

• Creating an HTML File
• HTML Tags
• HTML Basic Document Structure
• Creating Links in HTML
• Text Input Fields
• Radio Button
• HTML Summary

Operators in PHP:

• Operators
• Types of Operators
• Assignment Operators
• Arithmetic Operators
• Logical Operators
• Incrementing/ Decrementing Operators
• Comparison Operators
• Array Operators

Conditional Statements in PHP:

• Conditional Statements
• if statement
• if-else statement
• if elseif else statements
• switch Statement

Loop Statements in PHP:

• Loop Types
• The for loop statement
• The while loop statement
• The do while loop statement
• The foreach loop statement

Functions in PHP:

• Functions in PHP
• Create a PHP Function
• Functions with Parameters
• Passing Arguments by Reference
• Function Returning Value
• Setting Default Values for Function Parameters.

Array in PHP:

• Array
• Numeric Array
• Associative Arrays
• Multidimensional Arrays

Introduction to MySQL:

• Introduction to MySQL
• Database Tables
• Queries
• MySQL Connect to a Database
• Closing a Connection
• Create a Database
• Create a Table

SQL Basics:

• What Can SQL do?
• SQL Commands
• SQL Statements
• SQL Functions
• SQL Aggregate Functions
• SQL Scalar Functions

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  • (80 stars)

    by Nick Ristine on 14/04/2014

    Had no clue about what I was doing to start with php. best resource on the store for the price!