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-Stress and Strain
-Young's, Shear, Bulk Elastic Modulus
-Transverse and Longitudinal Waves (S-waves P-waves)
-Speed of a Wave on a Stretched String
-Harmonic Waves, Tuning Forks, Beats
-Sound Intensity, Notes, Loudness, Doppler Effect
-Standing Waves on a Stretched String
-Waves In Open & Half Closed Tube
-Gravitational Force
-Kepler's 3 Laws
-Gravitational Potential Energy

-Faraday's Law
-Generators and Motors
-Maxwell's Equations
-Voltage and Current in Purely Resistive AC Circuit
-Voltage and Current in a Purely Capacitive AC Circuit
-Voltage and Current in a Purely Inductive AC Circuit
-RLC Circuits
-Simple Harmonic Motion
-Frequency and Period
-Hooke' Law for the Restoring Force of a Spring
-The Frequency of a Mass-Spring
-Frequency of a Pendulum

-Coulomb's Law
-Relationship to Gravity
-Electric Fields
-Point Charges
-Potential Energy
-Basic Circuits (V=I*R)
-Series and Parallel Resistors
-Magnetic Force On Point Charge
-Right Hand Rule

-Pascal's Law
-Archimedes' Principle
-Continuity of Volume Flux
-Bernoulli's Equation
-The Causes of Turbulent Flow
-Poiseuille's Law
-Boyle's Law
-Charles' Law
-The Ideal Gas Law
-Kinetic Energy of Particles
-Internal Energy of an Ideal Gas Depends on Temperature
-RMS Particle Speed is Inversely Proportional to the Square Root of Particle Mass

-0th Law
-Converting Temperatures
-Thermal Expansion
-Specific Heat
-Molar Heat Capacity
-Modes of Heat Transmission
-Transmission of Heat by Radiation - Stefan's Law
-1st Law of Thermodynamics
-Adiabatic Process
-Isothermal Process
-Isovolumetric Process
-Isobaric Process
-Thermal Efficiency of a Heat Engine
-Coefficient of Performance
-The Carnot Cycle
-Second Law of Thermodynamics
-Entropy Change Due to Heat Flow

-Time Dilation and Length Contraction
-Special Relativity
-Relativistic Momentum
-Relativistic Energy
-Blackbody Radiation and the Quantization of the Light Energy
-The Photoelectric Effect
-The Compton Effect
-Atomic Spectra and the Bohr Theory of Hydrogen
-Wave Mechanics and Atomic Theory
-The De Broglie Wavelength
-The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
-Quantum Numbers and Atomic Orbitals
-Pauli Exclusion Principle and the Periodic Table
-The Nucleus
-Nuclear Spin States
-Radioactive Decay
-Activity and Half-Life
-Mass/Energy Equivalence in Nuclear Processes
-Fusion and Fission
-Chain Reaction Fission of U-235

-Conservation of Momentum in Inelastic Collisions
-Conservation of Momentum in Elastic Collisions
-Rotational Velocity/Acceleration
-Moment of Inertia
-Work and Energy in Rotation
-Angular Momentum
-Conservation of Angular Momentum
-Static Equilibrium of a Rigid Body

-Displacement, Speed
-Velocity, Acceleration
-Circular Motion
-Projectile Motion
-Newton's 1st, 2nd, 3rd Laws
-Centripetal Force
-Free Body Diagrams
-Static & Kinetic Friction

-Electromagnetic Wave Propagation
-Electromagnetic Spectrum
-Reflection and Refraction
-Snell's Law
-Index of Refraction
-The Critical Angle and Internal Reflection
-Virtual and Real Images
-Concave and Convex Mirrors
-Lens-Maker's Equation
-Converging and Diverging Lenses
-Simple Magnifier
-Compound Microscope
-Astronomical Telescope
-Young's Double Slit Interference
-Interference and Diffraction
-Thin Film Interference
-The Michelson Interferometer
-Single Slit Diffraction
-The Diffraction Grating Spectrometer
-Polarization of Light
-Brewster's Angle

-Mechanical Work
-Kinetic Energy
-Potential Energy
-Mass-Spring Systems
-Conservation of Mechanical Energy

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