This app is for those who wish to retain the services of THE MCKEEVER LAW FIRM at 628-HURT.

We offer this app to make it easy for you to communicate with us, send photos of your accident claim if you wish,send us your info so we can determine the details of your case and to offer you information regarding our skills and history of successful awards from the court.

Our Goals For Your Case
One call to us gets you FREE legal advice about your claim AND immediate help finding you the right Doctor. It is critical to your case that you see a Doctor who will treat you for your injuries AND go to bat for you when it comes time to settle your case or go to Court.

Why Call Us?

For over 28 years, the McKeever Law Firm has counseled thousands of injured people and their loved ones after an accident or wrongful death. We stand by you and fight for you from the time you hire us until we get you the result you deserve.

We are NOT a lawyer referral service like ASK-GARY, ASK-DAVE, and 411PAIN. Most referral services place your case on a virtual roulette wheel of many different attorneys, including some who may have very limited experience in handling your type of case. The roulette attorneys pay the referral service a lot of money to get a place on the wheel. When you call these referral services, you talk to the switchboard operator who spins the wheel and sends your case out to the winning roulette attorney. The McKeever Law Firm will represent you until we get you the Result you deserve – just like we have been doing for injury victims for over 28 years.

If you or a loved one has suffered any type of injury, please call us at 888- 628HURT (4878) today. It costs nothing to call us and what you learn today could be the difference between you recovering money for your injuries, or getting nothing. If you prefer, go ahead and complete the above, CONFIDENTIAL, no obligation, on line “free case evaluation form” and we will respond immediately. Thank you for contacting us.

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