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Find excellent legal representation and an accident attorney or injury lawyer in Alaska. If you were injured in an accident and not at fault, take the first step to seek compensation for damages in court. Free consultation with Jason Skala, Attorney at Law through this app.

In this app, you can first find out, if you have a case at all.

You can use this app to report an accident and immediately build your case file.

Jason Skala, Attorney at Law, specializes in injury law. Well-versed in medical practices, he is able to navigate the complex and confusing process of filing an accident or injury case. His services are only paid when he wins your case.

His office is guided by two basic principles:

1. He focuses on helping ordinary folks get their life back, after a traumatic and often life-changing injury accident. He understands those needs from experience, that they go beyond just financial.

2. He provides information and legal guidance to you, whether or not you choose him to represent you in court. He will discuss frankly with you whether or not he can help your situation before he gets started.

Download “907 Accident” App now!

• Determine if you have a valid injury case.
• Submit information to start your case file.
• Report an accident while at the scene.
• Transmit photos and verbal testimony.
• Record vital information for your case file.

907Accident is an excellent injury lawyer and accident attorney app.

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