Accept Credit Cards



Accept Credit Cards 1.0

Accept credit card payments on your android mobile using the credit card payment gateway.

To register a PlanetAutorize account goto and click on Register as a Certified Provider link.

To accept payments:
1. Fill in Merchant Details, Client Card Details, SMTP settings.
2. Press the "Charge" button. Wait a couple of seconds.
You will receive either "Approved" message, "Decined" message or "Error in transaction data". The last message happens when invalid credit card data is supplied by customer. A receipt representing the transaction will be sent to both client and merchant.

Client Card Details Section
1. Fill all the client details:
Card number, Cvv, Card Lastname, Expiry Date, Amount, Client Email
2. Client Email will receive transaction receipt.

Merchant Details Section
1. Scroll down the screen to find the merchant details.
2. Fill in all the merchant details: PlanetAutorize username, PlanetAutorize password, Merchant Email, Merchant Name.
3. Merchant Email will receive all transaction receipts.
Merchant Name and Email will be added to all client receipts.
4. Merchant details are saved on app exit and restored at startup.

SMTP Settings
1. Scroll the screen to find SMTP settings.
2. Fill in all SMTP settings: Gmail username, Gmail password.
3. Gmail address and Gmail password will be used to send receipts to clients and the merchant. The app uses for sending receipts. Register for a gmail account at if you do not have one.