Account Reporter




    Account Reporter reports your payment and income, assisting in managing your income and out come and helping you to make your meets ends.
    Have you been wondering how can you manage your money properly? Every month, after you get your salary, you will find that money goes so fast that you even not know it have ever come. Do every thing with a good plan without and give it a conclusion for some time, so does it with the money. Why not try our app-Account report? Please follow me to see the brief instruction of it.
    Key features:
    1. It helps report your bills and accounts without the limitation of time and place. No matter where you are, if you want to add and view your bills, just take out your phone and you can catch it.
    2. It need you to set the account and password for you to login in on the app. The account is the year(such as 2011 or 2012), and for the password, you select one that only available for yourself.
    3. It reports the bills or accounts with the payment and income by month. Once you run and login on this app, you can get a general understanding of the whole years' accounts clearly and easily. If you want to know more, you can hit your desired month and view the details.
    4. It is easy to add a bill. For instance, if one intend to add a new account or bill, he should add the event(such as sports, wage or meal), time( which is the current date in default), amount and time(payment or income).
    PS: there is also a shortcut "home" for you to go back to the main interface.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~For You~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    I know I know it's boring! but I have to show this information to you gays~~ This free app has ad! such as icon ad, notification ad. It's just ad, like you see ad in your TV everyday, nothing is special, my friends, I can earn this cents to buy a beef, that's all!