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From now on, you can save yourself every day’s hassle and worries of manually calculating costs and leave it to the new AG FOODS Vending application. Stay informed about news and interesting offers from our company. Simply improve your Vending business!

No more need of carrying around calculator and remembering difficult formulas. Our new application simply converts your smartphone into a mobile and reliable calculator of a cup cost, useable for all kinds of drinks. The app is always ready to check cup costs whenever you need or make up price offers for customers.

AG FOODS Vending application allows you to quickly determine a cost of any beverage and, within a few seconds, you can compare it with a calculated cost price of AG FOODS products. All can be saved for a future reference.

The application is a sophisticated, modern, yet easy-to-use solution.

Your individual needs will be met thanks to the application´s setting options and hence you will be able to have your spendings under control. On top of that, you don´t have to remember anything, only to save the information in your smartphone.

The vending application will also provide you a permanent view of our portfolio of products. We will keep you informed about news, discounts and offer you tips on how to increase profits of your business.

Using the application is very simple. First of all, select your preferred language, currency or profile in which you would like to work. Then, go to the Calculator tab, simply scroll down and insert your combination of ingredients and size of a cup. The AG application will take care of the rest.

AG Vending calculator is a great solution for a quick and easy cost calculation of a one drink serving made in any type of vending machine. Changing the ml. cup size is easy and so is the gram dosage of ingredients which automatically adjusts to the ml. dosage you choose – always displaying the cup cost.

Individually chosen ingredients allow not only a cost calculation but also a consumption estimate of these ingredients whenever the change of machine settings is required for new kinds of drinks.

If you need to change a dosage and create a stronger serving, just scroll down and the application immediately calculates these changes. This is the easiest way to take control of your vending business as well as meet customers’ needs.

The Vending Calculator also enables archiving of calculated prices. That way, you have constant access to previous calculations. This can help you to monitor and compare prices better at exhibitions and trade fairs.

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