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AiR VIEW Augmented Realty Viewer makes your printed adds and art spring to digital life!

Ever wished you could get all the benefits of digital signage without all of the expensive hardware? AiR VIEW allows your smart phone or tablet to recognize images and objects as a "digital fingerprint." It then takes that image or object and augments your view of the real-world with videos, music and 3D animations called “Auras” or "AiRs."

Look out for the “AiR VIEW” logo on ads, printed images, product packaging, clothing and even buildings. Wherever it appears, there’s a world of virtual content for you to unlock and discover.

With AiR VIEW, there’s no limit except your imagination.

• Bring images, objects, products and places to virtual life, simply by pointing your device at them
• Single tap the screen to enter full screen mode, allowing you to view the AiR without having to keep the camera focused on the image or object.
• Double Tap the screen to access more information; mobile websites, other auras or images. Even make real world purchases of items directly from a viewing!

1) Download the AiR VIEW app!
2) Open and point your device at an image featuring our “AiR View” logo or just point your device at the screenshots on this page
3) Watch as the image comes to virtual life
4) Double Tap the screen to find out more
5) Single tap at any time to enter full screen mode

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